Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun with Cindy and John Continues!

Sunday was a relaxing and uneventful day for our foursome!  We decided to stay at the campground most of the day since it was overcast a good portion of the day.  We picked up Cindy and John around 10 and headed to one of Sarasota's favorite destinations - the Red Barn.  For you Lanc. County folks it's Florida's version of Green Dragon.  So many interesting stands plus great fruit and produce.  We actually bought Plant City Florida strawberries for $1.00 a quart!  Wow!!!!  The men tired of the place long before the women, so we headed back to our campground to sit by the pool and continue our shuffleboard tournament.  Today we split the wins.  Horray for the women!!!!

The pool at the campground is large and heated to 86 degrees.  Not bad!  But, the breeze was abit cool, so none of us ventured in.  Cindy and John did enjoy the hot tub.

We enjoyed cooking dinner and it was delicious - steaks on the grill, salads, oven roasted potatoes (the oven in Willie was used for the 1st time!) and fresh asparagus.  Fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert.  We are living LARGE!

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