Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life Back Home in PA

It is amazing how quickly you can get back into the swing of things when you return from several months of RVing.  It is so good to see our daughters and their families, my parents, and special friends.  But there is something about the RVing lifestyle that has you wanting to be on the road whenever possible.  Our daughter asked me when we returned if we were happy to be back home.  I told her that is a hard question to answer.  We definitely miss seeing our 2 daughters, our 3 granddaughters who just turned 4, 2, and 2, and their husbands.  But, the fun times we have on the road, the wonderful people we meet, and the new things we see and experience are just hard to explain to a non RVer!  Then she said, but that life really isn't reality.  Again, that is hard to explain.  When we are on the road we meet many people who travel more than we do and I think that is their reality.  We all have a choice as to our reality.  I prefer the "travel reality" where there is less stress, relaxing days, and new adventures around every corner.  So, that is what we are trying to balance at this stage of our lives. 

We just came back from a combined birthday party for our 2 year old and our 4 year old granddaughters.  Wouldn't want to miss that special event!  Being a PaPa and Grandma has so many special rewards.  So we continue to divide our time between home and being in "Willie".  We are looking forward to numerous camping trips this summer with our camping friends - mostly 4 day weekends plus a 2 week trip in July to the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Also plan to be at Linda and Howard"s RV Dreams Rally in Hershey PA in Sept.  Then hopefully head to Jekyll Island GA  in mid October.  We will remain at home most of the month of April and May as we are expecting another grandchild, probably a granddaughter since we don't do boys, the end of April.  Wouldn't want to miss that special event!  It will probably be our last grandchild.

But I must say, I miss our time on the road.  For some reason, it really gets in your blood!!!!!


  1. Great post that sums up the torn feelin's that many folks has about balancin' family and the RV life. Each of us has gots to make our own choice that we's comfortable with. Not sure readin' what ya wrote if yer doin' exactly what ya want to be doin', but doin' it part way is better than not doin' it at all.

  2. Ken/Bonnie,
    Very well said. This kinda goes along with the line I've ready before, "/Home is where we park it." Yes, it is difficult for non RVers to understand this. We are soon to be fulltimers and look forward to a new reality.
    Travel safe. Hope to meet you on the road some day.

  3. When we went full time a lot of people just didn't understand. They would ask how long we thought we would do this - well until we physically can't or some unforeseen occurrence causes us to stop. Its just the life we've chosen and I think that is true for snowbirds too. I think for most people they just don't know how much there is to do and see out there and how the community of RVers are another sort of community in our reality.