Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Last Day in Florida with Cindy and John!

Monday was a perfect beach day in Florida.  We packed lunches for the four of us and picked up Cindy and John around 10:15.  We asked them to choose what they would like to do for their last day in Florida.  They wanted to spend the day at the beach and the weather cooperated beautifully.  We headed to Holmes Beach and spent about 4 1/2 hours enjoying the day.  Around 72 with very low humidity. 

 Ken and I took an hour bike ride around the area, especially Anna Maria area.  We stopped at two fishing piers to enjoy the scenery!

We left the beach around 4:15 and went back to the campground.  Decided it was time to continue the shuffleboard tournament.  Unfortunately, the men were victorious again, but Ken and I did beat Cindy and John for our last game of their trip.  (If we would have been good hosts I guess we would have left them win!  NOT!!!) 

But, we were all winners, getting to experience a beautiful sunset!!

The only thing that could possibly beat this gorgeous sunset was another trip to Sonny's for a pulled pork sandwich!  Imagine this - it wasn't even my idea.  The group decided it was where they wanted to have their LAST SUPPER in Florida!  Thanks Cindy and John!!  Then back to Willie to play a game of Up the River!  They had checked out of the Holiday Inn Express this morning and spent the night sleeping on an air mattress in Willie before their flight back home at 8:15 Tuesday morning!

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