Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Perfect Weather Day! Great for a Bike Ride!

Plenty of sunshine all day with temperatures in the upper 70's.  A perfect day to be outdoors and ride bike!  Ken and I took a long walk around the CG before cooking breakfast and eating it outdoors.  Then we packed our lunches and the men loaded our bikes to head to the Heritage Rail Trail which runs from York to Maryland.  We rode a 10 mile section, stopping halfway to enjoy eating lunch along the trail.  It is a beautiful rail trail with a nice graveled and partly paved trail obviously running right along the train tracks.  We even got to go through a tunnel, not one of Nancy's favorite things.

This is where we parked and started our Bike Ride!

A really nice wide and scenic trail!

This was our lunch stop where we ate under a pavilion!
There were 3 bike sculptures here - tricycle, 2 wheel bike,
and a unicycle!

Back through the tunnel a 2nd time.  Sorry Nancy!

After some trouble with directions we got to Perrydell Farms Dairy for some homemade ice cream.  Some of the group had more trouble with the directions than others!  You just have to pay attention, Neil!!!!!

A very worthwhile stop for delicious homemade ice cream!
Back to the CG by 3 and after a little relaxation, we played some ladder golf.  We made a phenomenal dinner over our open campfire - salmon, steak, salads, and baked white and sweet potatoes - delicious!!  Then we spent time just sitting around the campfire talking about life!  What a special time.  So glad Neil and Nancy took the time to join us for this weekend.  We called it a night around 10!  We must be getting old!!!!!!

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