Sunday, May 8, 2016

On to Charleston, SC

Ken and I were up at 6:30, ate those flax pancakes, and left our campsite around 7:45.  We stopped by the dump station, hooked up the CRV and were on our way to Charleston by 8:10.  We had about a 220 mile drive, stopped 1X, and arrived at James Island County Park right outside of Charleston by 1:00. The last several miles were "slow go" with heavier traffic and more lights.  I did call my mother to sing "Happy Mother's Day" and chat.  Got a great mothers day greeting from Jamie and had a nice, long conversation with Lanie.  I am blessed to have such wonderful daughters!

This is a very nice County Park with hiking and biking trails, an elaborate water park, and level shaded campsites that are fairly private and full hook-ups including 50 amp.  Impressive!  We did some set-up, ate lunch, and then Ken did some washing of Waldo's windows and front - lots of bugs.  I vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, and then dusted everything.  By the time we were both done with our chores, we were tired.  We took a short walk around the CG and then I decided to read outside.  

Ken was going to take a short nap, but I heard him get up and start to make salads for dinner.  So, I went inside to help.  Then he told me it was Mother's Day and I should go back outside and read while he does the dishes.  Soon I heard water running outside so I looked under Waldo and water was dropping on the ground from one of the outside storage areas.  I opened the door to report my finding to Ken and in no time he was outside checking into the problem.  The storage bin rug was wet and we could see where the water had run down the back corner.  Back inside to remove everything from under the kitchen sink, but nothing was wet.  We removed the boards under there but still nothing was wet.  Now what????

I headed to the office to ask if there was anyone in the CG that could do repairs on RVs or if there was someone who comes to the park to do repairs.  I told her we had a leak that needed fixed.  There was a young gentleman in the store who heard my question and while the lady at the desk went to get me some phone numbers of repair people he "mouthed" that he could help and he was camping in the park.  He said he is a certified plumber by trade and has his tools with him.  Hallelujah!  The lady at the desk heard the conversation and said that was great but if he wasn't able to help us I should come back for some phone numbers of local RV repair people.

I went back to Waldo to report to Ken of the amazing thing that happened at the office.  Within 5 minutes the gentleman was at our site with his truck and tools - what a friendly guy and so willing to help.  After taking off some covers in the compartment and checking all the hoses, he could see where the water was coming from, but not the actual source.  So, he came inside and removed another board under the sink and bingo - the drain pipe connector was not clamped tightly and it disconnected from the holding tank.  Apparently it was not connected when they put the slide back in at Lazydays.  They had to take both of the large slides out when they replaced the floor and I can't imagine how many things had to be reconnected.  Should not have happened, but what can you do!  We were so thankful for the "angel" who was at the right place at the right time and our problem appears to be solved.  Now we just have to get the rug in the bin to dry!

When I was leaving to go to the office for help, a fellow camper across from us had come over to ask if we had a problem and could he help in anyway.  But, he said he would only be good at offering an extra set of hands, because this is his 1st time camping and he doesn't even know how to hook-up the sewer hose. So, when we had our problem resolved, Ken when over to help him with the sewer and answer a few other questions.  So glad we were able to be of help to someone!

We grilled for dinner but only ate at 8.  It was a beautiful evening with no bugs so we were able to eat outside.  We cleaned up, watched a little TV and were in be by 9:30.  We signed up to do a 2 hour walking tour of downtown Charleston tomorrow morning at 9.  It should be a fun adventure!

No pictures today, but there will be bunches tomorrow.

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