Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at Home!

Monday was one of those relaxing, somewhat lazy days.  After doing some devotions and reading, we decided to make breakfast together before going for a long walk.  We ate out on the deck while reading the newspaper - life is tough! We got out 10,000 steps before lunch walking around town and on the nearby trail.

Ken did some errands mostly stopping at several places to see if they had room to store Waldo.  He is still in the parking lot here at the apartment which is fine with the other tenants and the landlord, but the borough does not allow for long term storage at your property.  It is amazing how hard it is to find a place nearby to store him for the summer.  I wish we had some land that we could use for storing RV's.  There definitely appears to be a shortage in this area.

Ken and I spent most of the afternoon in our shared office, Ken on his computer and I made cards.  He left for Celebrate Recovery and was gone from 6 to 9:15. I called my sister, Cindy, and she is doing well recovering from her foot surgery. Now she is having trouble with a trigger thumb and my need some minor surgery on it.  I watched The Voice and appreciated the wonderful talent on that show.

Tuesday we took a walk early, getting about 5,000 steps before our flax pancake breakfast.  We left at 9 to go to our youngest granddaughter, Katelyn's graduation from Pre-School.  I can't believe she starts full day kindergarten next year.  Wow, all of our granddaughters will be in elementary school.  Aunt Jamie came to join in the festivities too!  What a cute program complete with singing and caps and gowns!

The happy graduate!

Everyone in Katelyn's class got an award.
Katelyn received the sunshine award because
she always came to class happy and with a
 big smile!  That award was a
surprise for Lanie!
I think Katelyn looks like her mommy!

Bob and Lanie, the proud parents!

Love that pose and the boots!

After the program we were invited to the Church's Fellowship Hall for lunch.  It was only 10:45, so we really weren't ready to eat!

Proud grandparents too!

We were back in Lititz by 12:15 and Ken dropped me off downtown so I could meet my card club ladies for lunch at Po-Boy Pub.  There were 10 of us and we had a great time.  I am so glad they include me in the group since I only get to play about 2 of the 8 times they meet throughout the year.

I walked home and Ken was in Lancaster doing more errands.  I spent time making some jewelry using the new shell pieces we had found on the Outer Banks.  Ken took a walk when he returned.  

After dinner we watched the finale of The Voice, which was on for 3 hours.  I cleaned up my office space during the 1st hour.  I was happy with the winner. She wasn't my favorite at the beginning of the search, but she ended up being my favorite of the final 4, all of them very talented!

Today, Wednesday, we decided to continue our search for a storage place for Waldo.  After breakfast, we drove to Manheim,  the neighboring town where we grew up, and checked out the place where John and Cindy store Harvey.  We called the number on the fence and it appears that they have a space behind the gated area, but we can't meet with the owner until Tuesday.  Hopefully the borough will not say anything until we get Waldo moved.  

When we returned we took a walk and then enjoyed lunch on our deck.  Ken took me to a 55+ neighborhood near our apartment to play pickleball.  My friend, Jackie, had invited me to play with one of her friends that lives in the community.  I had a fun time but it was fairly hot and a bit windy.  I was happy to have an opportunity to play again.

Jackie lives close to Jamie in Ephrata and since Ken had gone there to walk with Jamie and Lulu to Bria and Cali's bus stop, she drove me there to meet them. Also, Jackie was excited to see Jamie's new kitchen.  A fun time for all of us.

We were back home by 4:30 and after dinner, Ken left to visit Ed, a gentleman who worked for a title company and did many settlements for Ken when he was in Real Estate.  Ed has been battling cancer for quite awhile and has decided to stop treatments and enjoy his last days.  Ed and his wife are encouraging people to visit, so Ken was happy to the have the opportunity to spent time with them.

The weather these 3 days has been amazing with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's.  So nice not to have cloudy, rainy weather.

Tomorrow I have my bladder surgical procedure around 1:00.  Since I can't have anything to eat after midnight I am about ready to go to the kitchen and enjoy a bowl of ice cream - definitely a treat!  The procedure is relatively simple, but I will have anesthesia.  I will be glad when it it finished and I am back home.

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