Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Long Driving Day But We Got to the Outer Banks!

Ken was up by 5 (I guess he was excited to leave) and by 5:30 I was up and about too!  We had the CRV hooked-up and were on our way by 6:40, earlier than we had planned - YES!!!

It was a gorgeous, sunny day with temperatures getting into the 80's.  Directions took us back out to I-95 until we got to Roanoke Rapids in NC, then we headed east on Route 64 all the way to the Outer Banks, a relatively easy drive but 480 miles. 

Here are a few photos taken when we arrived on the Outer Banks -

Water, water everywhere!  I hope we don't have to leave
in a hurry!

Our 1st view of a lighthouse!

They were working on the bridge!

Lots of houses on the sand near the ocean.

Ken did a great job driving (he always does) and we made only 3 stops and they were short ones.  We even ate lunch in Waldo.  During the drive I talked to Nancy Savage, my mother, and our daughter, Jamie.  They are the folks who just got the new puppy and last night was a rather tough one, just like bringing home a new baby!  Not much sleep and a lot of crying(the dog)!

We arrived at Ocean Waves CG in Waves, NC at 4 and we were very happy to be at our destination.  It is a relatively small, private CG with about 60 sights and very close to the Atlantic Ocean.  We walk just a short way to the end of the CG, on the path through the dunes, and BINGO there is the ocean.  

It took us more time than usual to set-up because we asked to switch sights. We were able to get on the 1st one and the owner was trying to be kind by assigning us to one with trees.  But, the pine trees were rather low and some of the larger branches were resting on our air conditioner units.  We were not comfortable with that and not thrilled to get pine sap on the roof.  So, she assigned us to a different site but now we have no trees. That is better than having tree branches on the roof!

This is our campsite that has full hook-ups and even
a cement pad!

As you can see, it is a small CG and we are about the
12th one down the left side!

After we were set-up, we took the walk to the beach and the pieces of shells you find there are amazing and so different then those up North.  I was thrilled with some unusual shells that Melissa had given me a couple years ago and now I realize this is where she got them.  I will enjoy having some more of these unique ones for making pendants.

The nice walkway to the beach from the CG!

Hello Atlantic Ocean!

So far we have met 2 couples from York, PA, one from New Jersey, and another from Virginia.  Wow that is pretty amazing since we have only been here since 4:00.  There are 2 other couples from PA that we hope to meet, so PA is well represented in this CG.

After a quick dinner, we read some of the brochures for this area.  I also downloaded Windows 10 and it makes me a little nervous.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not.  I guess I will find out!  I did talk to my sister (Scooter Girl) and she is doing very well following her foot surgery.  She has to ride around with her leg on a scooter for 6 weeks until it has a chance to heal - rather inconvenient!

By 9 we were very tired and ready for bed.  So excited to be in this area!

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