Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Now the Actual Camping Trip Begins!

Ken and I only got out of bed around 7:45 after a good night's sleep.  We got everything inside Waldo in place and secured for our move to Georgia.  We drove over to the cafe at Lazydays for our free breakfast, stopping 1st at Sam's office to see if they had a water pump in stock.  She said she was sure they did, but was waiting to hear from the supply center.  Also, she was going to check with Winnebago to see if they would cover the water pump under the original warranty since we have had this problem the 1st year and no one could find the cause.

After breakfast we checked out the new Camping Store at Lazydays and got to talk with Josh who works for Thousand Trails at Lazydays.  He has helped us and many of our friends over the years buying zone passes and making reservations at many campgrounds at special prices.  We had a nice visit.  Then Ken and I looked at some more RV's before I went to a seminar on cooking in convection ovens by the main chef at Lazydays.  The hour class was helpful and informative.  I may get up my courage to actually bake something in Waldo's oven.

After the class, I walked back to the CG and Ken had the car hooked up and was ready to leave.  He told me that Sam and a technician had come over to the CG while we were at the camp store and a new water pump was installed.  She called to tell Ken it was all fixed and ready to go, so Ken asked if Winnebago was willing to pay for it under the warranty.  She said she didn't call them but there was no bill.  Lazydays picked up the tab!  Wow!  We can only say good things for the work they did for us and the wonderful advocate Sam is for Ken and I.  She is amazing!

We were on our way to Crooked River State Park at Exit 1 in Georgia by 12:30, arriving there around 5:30.  The drive went well and I was able to talk with my mother.  Dad and she are doing well.  We are thrilled with the State Park and the large, level and very private sites that include water and electric.  We were set-up relatively quickly.  I did take time to vacuum and wash the new flooring.

Salads for dinner and we watched some TV.  The park normally has cable TV but it was struck by lightning and will not be up and running for a few more weeks.  We can get a few local channels, but I won't be able to watch The Voice!  Oh no!

Ken did some planning for the 4 days we are here - Fernandino Beach, Cumberland Island, Jekyll Island, etc.  It will be a fun-filled, busy adventure.  I worked on this post.  They are predicting some strong thunderstorms this evening with high winds, heavy rains, and maybe some hail.  We are hoping they are WRONG!!!!!

Sorry there are no photos, but be prepared, that will change very quickly as we start exploring the area!

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