Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend!

This has certainly been a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!

We had received a text message last Friday night from Jamie asking if we wanted to join her family for breakfast at 8:30 Saturday morning.  We saw the message when Ken got up at 6:15 and we were excited to be a part of their family breakfast.  A fun time was had by all.  From the restaurant we headed to a local roadside stand to buy veggies, fruit, and a hanging flower.  Their family joined us there too.

We were back to the apartment by 11:15 and by 1:00 we were at Masonic Homes for an afternoon of card playing with my parents.  Again, we all had a fun time together.  Ken and I left at 4 and I went to Park City to shop while Ken attended a church service in downtown Lancaster regarding Celebrate Recovery. Of course, cities are not Ken's favorite place to spend time especially when he is by himself.  He did manage to get lost when he left the parking garage to go the church and he was sure he was going to get mugged!  He did return to pick me up at the mall and I am happy to say he was in "1 piece"!

Sunday morning was spent at church attending a wonderful service with a thought provoking sermon.  Pastor Scott certainly knows how to get you thinking on how to improve yourself and your Christian walk.  Again, we spent the morning with Jamie and her family.

By 1:00 we were at Jamie's house for a family picnic.  Lanie and her family arrived at the same time.  Another great family day with lots of fun, good conversations and some exciting game playing. 

This is how the day began for the gals!  Jamie bought this
hammock for Dane's birthday, but he hasn't used it yet!

The girls enjoy the playhouse too and we all appreciate the
beautiful setting on the creek!

Samantha made this sign to inform
us of the upcoming Flag show!

Let the show begin....

.... and it was appreciated by all!

 Jamie and Dane were the perfect  host and hostess and with the gorgeous sunny, warm day, it was a wonderful picnic day.  We enjoyed playing Can Jam, Kubb, and Ladder Golf. 

The ladies played the men in Kubb.  

We didn't win, but we surely had a good time trying!

 Lulu, the puppy, had a fun time too, but was exhausted when the day ended.

Katelyn is sure a dog lover and Lulu didn't mind!

After dinner, there was a light rain, so
the girls were excited to put on their suits
and play in the rain!

We only got home at 9:30 and watched the Memorial Day Celebration from DC.

Today, Monday, started with a relaxing morning of doing some devotions, taking a walk around Lititz, cooking breakfast, and then going to Park City to get Ken some new shorts.  All the ones he wore this winter were  too big - a good problem!  After getting him some new items for his wardrobe, he sat in the mall and waited while I looked for a bathing suit (a favorite thing for me to purchase - NOT!!)  Both of us had a successful shopping experience.  Of course for Ken that means only shopping in one store and being done!  He succeeded!

Back home to enjoy eating lunch on our deck and then relaxing until leaving at 5 to go to LCBC for a family picnic for Celebrate Recovery!  I was happy to meet some of the folks Ken spends time with on a Monday night and to understand the Celebrate Recovery program.  I am so proud of Ken for being a part of it.  They had delicious food including pulled pork, grilled corn on the cob, baked beans, a spinach salad, and desserts that were contributed by people who attended.

We got home by 8:30 just before the rainstorm began.  We were excited to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins 1st game of the Stanley Cup Final.

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