Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Gorgeous Weather Day!

I went out for a 5,000 step walk around 7:45 and Ken left to have breakfast with his friend, Gary.  It was a beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine and about 68 degrees.

Because I couldn't eat since midnight and could only have 8 oz. of water before 9:15, I had plenty of time to do other things.  Following a shower and doing some clean-up I answered some messages and e-mails and then decided I should dust the apartment.  I needed something to do to "kill some time".  Ken was back by 10:30 after getting some groceries and then decided to go for a walk to get his needed steps.

We left at noon for my 12:20 appointment at the Surgical Center.  To my surprise, the lady asked me after I registered if I was aware that I was 2 hours early.  What????  I told her they had called me yesterday with the time of 12:20.  They had no opening in today's schedule, so Ken and I decided to go back home and return at 2:20.  I think my blood pressure may have risen abit.  It is so hard to continue waiting when you are ready to "go".  Actually the time at home went rather quickly because I worked on our granddaughters digital scrapbook pages for our camping trips last summer.  (I am a little behind schedule!  Actually I was having a problem with the digital scrapbooking program.)

So we arrived back at the Surgical Center at 2:20 and went right back to the waiting area.  I must say that all the nurses and doctors there are so nice and caring and make you feel so welcome.  Dr. Del Terzo was so much fun today.  As soon as he entering my waiting area he asked if Waldo was in the parking lot because he would like to see what he looks like.  So, Ken showed him a photo on his phone.  He thought it looked like a nice one that would be lots of fun.  His wife's family lives in Taos, New Mexico and when he realized we are going near there, he wrote down some things we should see, some restaurants we should go to, and even texted his wife for the name of a church we need to tour.  What a guy!

I went back to the OR at 3:20 and was probably asleep by 3:40.  Next thing I knew the nurse was talking to me and I was in the recovery area.  I really was ready to be awake - my eyes just didn't want to stay open.  But, in about 15 minutes I was walking (with help) back to the waiting area where they brought Ken back to be with me.  I was excited to have a small diet Coke and some Lorna Doone cookies for I was very hungry and thirsty.  I was the last patient in the Center and I am sure they were happy when I was ready to leave.  We were on our way by 5.

I was still feeling a bit "drunk", but we did stop at a local restaurant near Lititz, Night and Day, where I had soup and a roll.  Tasted great.  We were back to the apartment by 6:45 and I was ready to rest and relax.  

I did take time to e-mail, phone, and text (I hope everyone) who was thoughtful and caring throughout today and asked to be updated.  I could feel everyone's love and support and it helped to keep me relaxed!  I am happy to report that the DR. said the spots were very superficial (not invasive) and when I see him for a follow-up in 10 days he will have the pathology report.  He expects it to show abnormal cells with a slight chance of some cancerous cells but if anything, only Stage 1.  I asked when he needs to see me for another cystoscopy and he asked when I will be in the area!  I told him either the end of August or the beginning of Dec.  He said Dec. would be just fine!  That made me feel very good!  So, December it is!!!!

Thanks again for everyone's concerns and prayers.  You are the best!

We spent the evening relaxing, having some ice cream, and watching TV.  

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  1. Feeling like such a terrible friend. I did think of you on Thursday, but I am so ashamed that when I called you and you returned my call, I did not remember your surgery. Please forgive me for being so thoughtless. Glad all went well...I promise to do better. You and Ken are the best friends ever and I would never want to lose that!