Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Long Drive But We Are Back Home!

On Wednesday, Ken and I woke at 6, cooked eggs, hooked-up the CRV and left Ocean Waves CG on the Outer Banks at 7:05, earlier than we expected!  I was almost certain that because we got an early start Ken would want to get the whole way home today but that meant a long day of driving!

It was a great day to drive with it being a bit overcast but only a "spritz" every once in awhile.  Traffic seemed to be rather light too, so all went well.  We stopped 2X's for gas, 2 rest stops, and had lunch at a Sheetz where we also got gas for $1.99/gallon - yes!  We had decided ahead of time that we would not go around DC on I-95.  So, we got off of I-95 just north of Richmond, VA and got on 17 over to I-66 and then on I-81.  Those are great roads to take and much more scenic and a lot less traffic than 95.  The only minor traffic "jam" we got into was within about 10 miles of home on 283. 

We arrived home at 6:00 PM after about 11 miles on the road.  Not sure how many miles, but we know it was over 500.  Ken did a great job again, and both of us never felt tired the whole drive - Wow!  Well, then the work began - unloading the car and about 2/3's of Waldo!  We really didn't plan to do all of that, but once you get started it is hard to stop.  By 7 we had everything in the house that we were bringing in tonight.  

We decided to go to an Italian Restaurant and have some brick oven pizza.  That has been on Ken's list of "food wants" for quite awhile and after all that driving, we thought it was the right time to indulge!  It was delicious.  We were back home by 8 and exhaustion was starting to "kick in".  We put lots of things in their proper place, but by 9:15 we were in bed.  Felt good to be home!

Today, Thursday, we a very busy day.  When we walked into the apartment, it looked terrific because it was clean and everything was in its proper place.  Now we had "stuff" kind of everywhere and we realized we have too much of that "stuff".  

Ken left at 8:15 to have breakfast with Gary and I was on a mission to get this place in order!  He did some errands after their breakfast and by the time he got back I had accomplished a lot.  Between doing laundry, cleaning out closets and drawers and going through most of our tubs and bins, things were looking better!  I do like re-organizing, but you also need to get rid of things if you want to the place to look different.  Mission accomplished.  We still have too much stuff, but it is better!

We went to Costco and then drove right to Jamie's house to meet our new family member, Lulu, the Bernise Mountain Puppy.  What a cute little fur ball.

They have a professional trainer come to the house 2X per week for training and she asked them to walk her 1/2 hour 3X's per day to help her get rid of some of her energy.  So, we walked with Jamie and Lulu and ended up at the bus stop to meet Bria and Cali.

I think we did too good a job walking her!
She was so exhausted!

No, I am not moving from this spot!!!!

So good to see all of them again.  We visited at their house until 5 and then headed back to the apt. 

We had stopped to see Doloris and drop off some toys our granddaughters had "outgrown" and she could share with her younger granddaughter.  Nice to see and chat with her. 

After putting the groceries away, we did some clean-up in Waldo, made dinner, and decided we had done enough for another day.  I decided to work on this post before going to bed.  Welcome back to reality!!!

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