Monday, May 2, 2016

Lots Happened at Lazydays Today!

Ken and I were up around 6:30 in the work bay at Lazydays.  Decided we better get up, shower, and be ready early for we didn't know what time the workers would start arriving.  Well, we didn't need to get up that early, since they only start at 8.

We walked up to met with Sam, our service advisor, by 8:15.  We began by thanking her for all she has done and then telling her what things still needed to be addressed - the disconnected light in the basement compartment, the uneven slide, and a cord that was exposed near the slide.  She said no problem someone will come to Waldo very soon to correct the problems. 

So we headed across the street to Bob Evans to share a delicious breakfast.  When we returned to Waldo,  Joe, who had done most of the work on Waldo, came to talk with us about our concerns and what he could do.  He alone had spent about 60 hours getting Waldo ready for the installation of the new floor, and then putting everything back together after the flooring was completed. He had to remove both of our large slides which is a major feat.  They really did a great job.  He reconnected the light and worked with a "slide guy" to get everything properly working. 

We left to go to Wal-Mart and Costco, for our refrigerator and freezer were very bare!  Fortunately both of the stores are close to Lazydays.  When we got back Waldo was no longer in the work bay.  So, we stopped to see Sam and she told us they had completed all the repairs and Waldo was out front and ready to go the the campground.  Yes!  

We put the food we had bought in the freezer and frig and then went to Lazydays cafe for our free lunch.  When you camp here you get a free breakfast and lunch for each day you are here and the food and choices are good.  Then we headed over to the campground and set-up.  Everything was working well, but around 2:30 we discovered that the water holding tank was now 1/3 full.  Normally that would be frustrating, but we can never get that to happen when we are here, so they can't fix the problem.  Another call to Sam and she came over to our campsite with a technician and they were able to finally find what was causing the problem.  We need a new water pump because it allows water to flow into the holding tank when we are hooked to city water.  Hallelujah it can finally be FIXED!  Hopefully they have 1 in stock and it can be replaced tomorrow morning before we leave.

Ken and I took a walk to the clubhouse and we played 3 games of cornhole and I won the tie breaker!  Yes!  Then we walked over to check out some of the new motorhomes and I must say that Waldo is still our favorite floorplan in his size and price range.  That's a good thing!!!!

We were back at 6:30 so Ken could watch the news.  Cindy called while we were walking and we talked about a 1/2 hour.  We had a nice chat.  She is having foot surgery on Thursday morning so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She can't put any weight on it for 6 weeks, so her recovery will be rather challenging!

We made salads for dinner and were just about ready to eat when a young couple pulled in beside us with a brand new trailer.  They had just bought it and had never camped.  I could tell they felt lost and frustrated.  Ken tried to help them get unhitched, but it didn't seem to be working properly.  So another camper who had a pull along trailer stopped by and with everyone working together, we were able to get them set-up.  They have only been married 4 months and we hope they can "survive" all these new things in their lives.  I think they felt overwhelmed.

After eating our salads, we watched The Voice.  There are so many good singers in this year's competition.  Ken went to bed by 9:15 with a very sore throat, hardly able to talk, and so congested.  It started last evening and today was a rough day for him.  I certainly hope he feels better tomorrow.

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