Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Relaxing Day at the Campground!

Ken only got up at 6:15 after a great night's sleep.  I was up at 7:45 and we decided to have a relaxing day and not drive anywhere!  We have been keeping busy everyday since we left home 2 weeks ago and a day with no specific plans sounded great!

So, after breakfast, we relaxed with a cup of tea and chai, did some clean-up and then decided to walk to the beach here at the CG to look for shells - something new!!!!  It was a beautiful, sunny day but cooler than the last few - only 67 degrees.  Ken came back before me and I was back by 1:30 to find Ken watching TV outside.  We ate lunch on the picnic table and then I set-up outside to make jewelry using my new "shell finds".  Ken went for a walk, read the newspaper, and then took a short nap.

These are the type of shells I am finding - lots of brown striped
ones and purple!

Some of my finished pieces with these new findings!

Ken made us salads and grilled a pork chop and salmon while I kept making some jewelry. After dinner, we sat on the sofa and watched the movie, "Nights in Rodenthe".  What a wonderful movie but such a tear jerker!  It was so interesting watching it here where we just photographed the Inn.  So many of the scenes are places and things we have just visited or passed by.  It was fun!

Just thought you should see it again!

I did talk to my mother and my father is still battling a bad case of cellulitus that is not getting better.  Tonight they are putting in a port and starting him on an IV antibiotic.  Not sure why they waited so long to begin the process, but we surely hope it takes affect quickly.  It is always a concern when he gets another infection because of all the antibiotics he has been on so many times.  We just hope they find one that works!

We finished installing and downloading Windows 10 tonight and we are hoping we will have no trouble using it.  Change is never easy! 

We were in bed by 9:00, did some reading, and off to dream land!

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