Sunday, May 1, 2016

Florida Here We Come!

Friday was a day of preparation for our trip to Florida.  After leaving the apartment at 6:30 to have breakfast with the Curvettes, I did a few errands and then we spent the majority of the day packing things for Florida.  Amazing how long it takes to get everything ready.

Ken loaded the car with most of the things while I cleaned the apartment.  He did the vacuuming because it is rather hard on my back, but I don't have trouble getting on my knees and washing the floors.  Noela called to wish us a safe and fun trip.  Good to talk to her again.

Ken and I went to 10,000 Villages in Ephrata where one of our favorite groups was playing for the evening - The Chestnuts.  2 of the guys in the group, Tom and Steve, played football with Ken in high school and Tom actually graduated with us.  We were with Fred, Doloris, Kathy, and Sam and it was a fun and entertaining evening!  While we were there my sister, Cindy, called to wish us a safe and good trip.  Thanks! When The Chestnuts finished playing around 8:30, Fred and Doloris invited us back to their house to chat and play cards.  More fun, even though the men won big time! 

Saturday morning Ken finished loading the car while I worked inside.  I must say the apartment was so organized and cleaned up when we left and we realize how few extras we have.  If the girls had to go through our things I think they would actually be impressed with how we have downsized.  We left at 8:00 to go to a Hosler cousin breakfast at a church in Lancaster.  So good to see folks we only see occasionally.   One of Ken's cousins did a small presentation on Ken's dad who was a Seafaring Cowboy following WWII.  He went on a military ship loaded with cattle to take to devastated Germany in areas that were severely bombed.  What a legacy! 

Ken and I left there at 10:45 and began our trip to Tampa, Florida.  Traffic was good going south, but slow and at a stand still many times in the northbound lanes on I-95.  We made several quick stops and at a Subway for lunch.  At 7:45 we checked into a motel at Exit 160 in South Carolina.  Percy and Willies was next door, so we walked there for a delicious light dinner.   Lights out by 10:15 after driving 520 miles.  We enjoyed the warmer temperatures - it never got below 65 degrees during the night!

We were up by 5:30, showered, loaded the car, ate breakfast at the hotel, and were on our way by 6:45 - a bit earlier than we had planned.  Again, the traffic southbound was relatively light and it was sunny and warm.  We made a few stops for gas and potty breaks but the best stop was at Sweet Tomato at Exit 68 on I-4 near Orlando.  Love that place.  Of course we ate too much, but it was so delicious and only $9.99 each including a hot and cold beverage and all you could eat - WOW!

Great salad place, plus homemade soups, breads, pasta, potatoes,
and delicious brownies and ice cream!  We were "fairly" good!

We also made a stop at Parkesdale Farmers Market to get some fruits and veggies, but not a strawberry sundae, their speciality.  We were too full from Sweet Tomato. 

We arrived at Lazydays at 4:30 and the "fun" began.  Waldo was in the work bay but he was waiting for us - slides out, refrigerator and air on (it was 90 degrees), and looking good.  I am pleased to announce that we like the new flooring. We spent a lot of time unloading the car and finding a place for all the things we brought with us.  It can be a challenge.  By the time we were finished, we were so tired.  We decided a walk would be a good thing.  When we got to the clubhouse at the CG they had ping pong tables, so we enjoyed playing one game which Ken won!  Then they had corn hole set-up and we played 2 games - Ken won both of them, but the 2nd one went "down to the wire".  After about 7,000 steps we got back to Waldo and relaxed watching some TV while I did this post.

It is now 9:30 and time for bed.  Both of us are ready for a good night's sleep!We are so excited to be back in Waldo and in Florida!  Not sure we have the best campsite but it's Free!  Well, we haven't gotten the repair bill, so maybe it isn't quite FREE!

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