Friday, October 21, 2016

A Boat Ride and Then A Scenic Drive!

This picture was taken inside Waldo from our breakfast
 table this morning!

The 4 of us left the CG around 10, stopped at a Ford Dealer for Ernie to ask some questions about his truck transmission (he will have the transmission fluid changed tomorrow) and then went to Canyonlands by Night and Day for our 11 AM boat ride.

This is the office for the boat rides.  They have been in business
for 50 years but build this complex (you only see a small part
of it) 2 years ago!

It was a beautiful sunny morning and a bit cool, but we were dressed accordingly.  We were on a jet boat that averaged about 40 miles per hour with several viewing stops along the way!

A nice rainbow from the boats spray!

What a beautiful ride on the Colorado River through the gorge. Some of the amazing rock formations along our ride.  Don't you love the reflections in the water???

This is a very active outdoor area - rock climbing, hiking,
bike riding, 4 wheeler trails, and jeep trails!

Is this upside down????

Here are the 2 arches we saw - 

Portal Arch

Jug Handle Arch

From there we drove on scenic Highway 128 to have lunch at the Red Cliffs Lodge which has been voted the #1 Best Place to stay in Moab by Trip Adviser for 8 plus years.  It really is a gorgeous place.  They have 30 large cabins along the Colorado River, a lodge, several eateries, horse stables, a movie museum, etc. and it is in the middle of nowhere!  Our buffet lunch was delicious and we were able to sit outdoors. For $10.50 including dessert and drinks it was a good deal!

A very windy road that was along the Colorado River!

Beautiful and fragrant lavender!

What a view for lunch!

After lunch we went through the FREE Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage. The Lodge is built on the old George White Ranch, a key location for nine of the big Westerns including Rio Grande, Cheyenne Autumn, etc.  Over 120 movies have been filmed in the Moab-Monument Valley Area.  Some more recent ones include Thelma and Louise, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, City Slickers II, Forest Gump, Mission Impossible II, etc.  

Lots of memorabilia from those Western films.  The documentary
was also very interesting!

This is the "dummie" that was used in the
car scene going over the cliff  to portray Geena Davis!

Do you remember the old Chevy commercials
with the car on the top of Castle Rock!

We continued driving on Highway 128 to see Castle Rock where some very famous car commercials were filmed.  Several commercials were filmed with the cars and models helicoptered to the top of the formation.  At one of the filmings a strong wind came up and the model had to stay on the formation till morning! We really enjoyed this driving tour!

This is Castle Rock!  Wow, I can't imagine
being on the top of that formation!

I am always trying to "see things" in the rock formations!
Doesn't this look like NYC and the Empire State Building is
at the end on the far right!  Do you see it?????

Ernie decided he needed to put his feet in the Colorado River!
It was rather muddy and cold!

We were back to the CG by 5 and we took time to go through today's photos and work on the blog!

It was rather busy in downtown Moab on our way back
to the CG!
After showers and a lite dinner, we played two games of Skip-Bo at Ernie and Noela's RV and the men were victorious again.  I just don't get it!!!!!  I think it is "rigged"!

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  1. It IS rigged!! Thanks for the blog & pictures. Fred & I are really enjoying it!