Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Last Full Day in the Mesa Verde Area!

Ken took some early morning photos again this morning.  I was sleeping!

The full moon was still visible!

This same picture taken when the sun was slowly rising!

We left for Rock Springs Church where Ken had attended Celebrate Recovery at 8:45, for it was only 3 1/2 miles from the CG.  What a great Church!  The music and the sermon were very inspiring.

We were back to Waldo at 11:15 and Ken made salads for lunch while I worked on the blog.  It is another gorgeous day with lots of brilliant sunshine and temperatures around 70.  Today was the day we decided to take it easy and that is what we tried to do!

We took time to make a delicious lunch - grilled steak and salmon, salads, quinoa, and grilled fresh veggies - Yum!  After cooking and cleaning up Ken decided to walk from the CG to the Visitors Center at Mesa Verde NP about 1 mile each way.  I declined because I wanted to dust and clean Waldo, do some handwashing, etc.  

Upon Ken's return, we played another game of Pinochle and he won again! What's up with that????  Then we decided to go through some of the bins in the basement of Waldo to see what clothing we had packed away.  Somehow the day seemed to "evaporate".  

We got to enjoy our leftover pizza from yesterday for dinner and it was delicious.  Noela called at 5:45 and they are within 1 1/2 hours of Moab where we will meet between 11 and noon tomorrow.  They drove 10 hours today and lots of hours all the other days since they left Canada last Wednesday.  Can hardly wait to see them.  

We played 1 game of 5 Crowns and I was victorious - Yeah!  We will probably try to take it easy tomorrow and just "catch up" on what has been happening since we were together in Florida in March.

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