Monday, October 31, 2016

Goodbye to Clare and Valley of Fire State Park. On to Pahrump!

What a windy night!  I don't ever remember sleeping in an RV with such strong gusts of wind.  They had to be at least 40 mph.  Around 4 AM the winds started to deminish and sleeping was a lot easier!  I thought a lot about Clare and sleeping in her one man tent.  It would have been rather difficult!

Clare came to Waldo around 8:15 and she said her tent certainly had a large amount of sand inside!  What a trooper!  I had a nice conversation with her again while Ken prepared Waldo for leaving!

After a tearful goodbye, Ernie, Noela, Ken and I were on our way to Pahrump where we plan to go Death Valley National Park!  We stopped only one time for gas and the drive went well.  There was a lot of traffic when we went around Las Vegas.

Our 1st view of the strip in Las Vegas!

A bit more of Las Vegas! (Trump Tower in the Background!)

After driving 118 miles we arrived at Nevada Treasure RV Resort and it truly deserves the name Resort!  It is beautiful.  Level cement pads and paved pads for your car/truck and gorgeous landscaping throughout the park.  The office building and the lobby are like that of an upscale hotel - impressive.  We have sites beside each other and near the 2 pools and hot tub.  They also have a bowling alley and fitness center!

This is the office for the Nevada Treasure RV Resort!
How about that large sequaro cactus?? 
The landscaping beside of entrance to the office!

This is the "hotel" like lobby!

After an easy set-up we went separately to get some groceries.  I spent the rest of the afternoon working on our blog, adding photos to our posts from our time at Valley of Fire.  I could do the verbiage but not the photos while we were there!  It was a several hour project during which time Ken packed our lunches for tomorrow and made salads for dinner!  What a guy!

At 6:30 we went over to Ernie and Noela's to eat our dinner together!  Then we played one game of Skip-Bo and the guys won again!  Back to Waldo by 8:45 to do more work on the blog.  It is so hard when I get behind and not being able to put the photos on it for the last 3 days was frustrating for me.  Glad to be up to date!

So, please take the time to go back to the last 3 posts to view all the amazing sights at Valley of Fire State Park!

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