Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back to Zion NP for Hiking!

After some flax pancakes, we packed our lunches, cleaned-up and by 9:30 the 4 of us were on our way to Zion National Park.  It was a beautiful mild and sunny morning with beginning temperatures in the low 50's but by mid afternoon it was in the upper 70's!

We hopped on the shuttle and got off at the Zion Lodge stop to begin the trail to the Lower Pool.  A few scenic photos on the way to the Lower Pool -

The beginning of the trail!

More beautiful rock formations!

Then the Lower Pool came into view and the 2 falls there are so beautiful.  A rainbow even appeared from the flowing water -

Gorgeous rainbow effect from the waterfall!

That is droplets of water coming over the edge!

The trail went under the waterfall and the rocks!

Leaving the waterfall area!

This is a smaller waterfall off to the side!

We continued on the trail to the Middle and Upper Pools which was a rather invigorating hike but very scenic and beautiful. 

Autumn colors!

Continuing on to the  middle and upper

Another exceptional view!

The upper pool!  We  hiked up lots of steps to get there!

The water drips down the rocks and fills the upper pool!

Part way down, we picked up the Grotto Trail for a total of about 3 miles of hiking.

A level trail when you took the .8 mile Grotto Trail!

Lots of large cacti along the trail!

We stopped at the Zion Lodge to check out their Gift Shop (very nice) and then back on the shuttle to the parking lot at the Visitors Center to enjoy our picnic lunches.  By then it was 2:45 and we were all very hungry and thirsty, despite having snacks and water on the hike.

Stopped at the Trading Post on the way back to get some photos and check out their Gift Shop.  Then one more stop at the Grocery Store before returning to the CG.

Ken checked the pressure on Waldo's tires and the CRV.  Then we unloaded everything out of the back of the car and I hopped in the "trunk".  We have been hearing a "rattle" every time we are in it and haven't been able to determine where it is coming from.  So, off we went for a drive.  I thought it was the hatch making the noise.  So, I climbed in the back seat and we continued driving with the hatch open - no rattle.  We tried it twice to be sure and it was the problem. When we got back to the CG I googled "rattle of hatch on a CRV and bingo, I found a solution.  All we did was loosen the rubber stoppers on both sides of the hatch, take another "test drive" and the rattle appears to be gone.  We shall see when the 4 of us take our next ride in it!  If all things could be so simple!

Ken grilled, we cleaned up, showered, and Ernie and Noela came to play Skip-Bo at 7:45.   The women finally won! Another nice day in Zion National Park.

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