Thursday, October 27, 2016

Last Full Day in Zion National Park!

By 9:00 the 4 of us had packed our lunches, loaded the CRV, and were on our way to Zion NP.  It is about a 1/2 drive from our CG but the scenery along the way makes the drive worth it!

When we had arrived here on Sunday, Ken said one of his goals was to hike the Hidden Canyon Trail.  Well, up until today, we had hiked our favorite trails that we had done when we had visited Zion on previous trips, but not the Hidden Canyon Trail. I debated if it was a good hike for me to attempt because it has 800 feet of elevation on a 2 1/2 mile trail, plus you are on the rim of a canyon with steep drops and holding on to chains during some of the climb.  After some "consideration", I decided that if I had done Angel's Landing in the Spring of 2015 with Chuck and Melissa, I should be able to do this less treacherous hike. Also, I really wanted to do it with Ken since it was the one thing he really had on his "bucket list" on this trip. Ernie and Noela decided to do several shorter trails in the Park while Ken and I did Hidden Canyon.

So the 4 of us got on the shuttle and rode to the Weeping Rock stop where Ken and I began our hike. Here's a photo from the shuttle and the 1st photo when beginning the hike and starting to gain elevation -

You can see a "small" version of the shuttle.  We had only
been climbing a short time and already felt like we were really'
up high!!!  Oh, we have only just begun!

Ernie and Noela headed on the trail to Weeping Rock.   Well, this was a very invigorating hike for us and the sights along the way were beautiful.  You increased elevation fairly quickly at the beginning of the hike, then it became a bit more moderate. 

The trail was rather narrow and rocky at many places!

Oh be careful little feet where you go!!!

The last portion of the trail required holding onto chains to get around rock formations and the path was rather narrow. 

I was thankful for the chains!

Time to climb up the rocks "steps"!

.....and more steps!

Back to the chains!

Hey, it is a long way down!

More chains and a very rocky pathway!

But, what a view!!!

 We were comfortable with the height, chains, the narrowness of the path, but I didn't feel comfortable where the rocks were rather smooth and covered with damp, loose sand.  All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our climb.  We were thrilled to make it to the top and what a view!

We made it!

Time to relax and enjoy the view.  Also have
some water and snacks!

The return trip was much easier and you could make better time!  

Just starting the return trip and you get to see these pools!

We had to stop and let the people pass so we could use the chains!

There were pools of water in these rock

It's a long way down to the shuttle! 
Better turn the corner instead of going straight
ahead!  Is that the path way down there????


Hang on to those chains!

Ken, what are you doing???  Get back from that edge and
hold on to those chains!!!!!

Couldn't they make these trails just a little wider?????

The canyon really was beautiful!

Such gorgeous fall colors!
We had started our hike at 10:30, took our time, enjoyed talking with people along the way, and sat at the top enjoying some snacks and water.  We returned to the shuttle stop at 1:10, hopped on the shuttle, and were back to the parking lot at 1:45 where we enjoyed our picnic lunch with Ernie and Noela.  They had done 3 different hikes and had a great time!

Then it was time for our last drive from Zion to our CG in Hurricane, UT.  Just 2 more photos of the amazing rock formations!

Upon returning to the CG, Ken and I left and went to Wal-Mart and Costco to get some food and supplies before heading to Valley of the Fire State Park in Nevada tomorrow morning.  It was a busy time for us when we returned getting ready for our departure - dumping tanks, loading the bikes, cleaning out the refrigerator, showering, making dinner, etc.

We played Skip-Bo at Ernie and Noela's from 7:30 to 8:30 and the men were victorious but only by 2 cards.  It was down to the "wire".

We have really enjoyed our time at Zion and Bryce but it is time to "move on". Looking forward to staying at Valley of Fire in Nevada.  Looks like a beautiful and interesting place!

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  1. I have been following your trip! Beautiful! Hope to see you in Valley of Fire.