Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trip to 4 Corners and Hovenweep National Monument

Ken's early morning photo from Waldo!
After eating those famous flax pancakes that get disguised with lots of delicious fruit, Ken and I left the CG and drove through Cortez on the way to 4 Corners. It was about a 50 mile drive.

Just a few photos along the way -

Kind of looks like Kansas!!!

4 Corners is not a place that you would visit for any length of time, because there really isn't a lot there.  You get to stand or sit on a medallion and take a photo of you being in 4 states at the same time.  5 years ago they rebuilt the Plaza and it is very nice with flags and the medallion in the center and native American vendors selling their jewelry, artwork, etc. from little shop areas on all four sides of the plaza.  It was definitely worth the trip.

The Plaza at 4 Corners has been updated and is very nice!

The sheltered vendor spaces offer protection from the rain
and sun!  

Right now I am centered on 4 states - New Mexico, Utah,
Arizona and Colorado!
Passed these wild horses on the way to our next destination -

We drove another 45 miles to Hovenweep National Monument, the canyon and mesa country north of the San Juan River where ancestors of today's Pueblo Indian tribes lived. We hiked a 2.2 mile stone and dirt loop trail past round, square and D-shaped towers that were lived in over 700 years ago. Many dwellings stood right on the canyon rim and some structures were built atop isolated or irregular boulders, not practical sites for safety and access. 

A very interesting trail - rocks, sandy trail, steps,

I felt the need to build another cairn, but Ken moved
on before I finished creating my masterpiece!  Ken
thought I should have a little "personal time" with
it.  You should have seen it!!!!

Today tall towers, outlines of multi-room pueblos and small cliff dwellings are scattered across the canyon landscape leaving little doubt that a sizeable population once lived in this ruggedly beautiful, high desert setting.  Despite 7 centuries of weathering, many large structures and tall tower walls still stand as tributes to their builders.  

How do these walls and buildings withstand 700 years of
We left there at 3:15 and passed some mule deer -

We were so hungry when we left Hovenweep, so as recommended by the Ranger there, we drove to a place called The Last Chance Saloon for a very late lunch.  It is good she recommended it, for otherwise we probably wouldn't have stopped.  A small rustic type place, but the pizza was delicious.  For $15.79 you could get a 14" pizza with 6 toppings and it was definitely made from "scratch". The food preparer bought it to our table and said she hoped we would enjoy it. Then she checked back with us again to make sure it was okay and to talk about how we got to their establishment.  It was a nice experience.

Our drive from Hovenweep back to the CG was another 42 miles, so we covered a lot of territory today.  Our scenery to Hovenweep was mostly mountains and then desert land, but when we left there and went the opposite way back to the CG we were amazed to pass lots of irrigated fields where they grew lots of hay. What a contrast in the 2 areas and they were so close together!

I spent about 1 1/2 hours doing laundry while Ken cleaned up Waldo and did a post on Facebook.  Ken promised that tomorrow we will go to Church and then spend sometime just relaxing before leaving on Monday for Moab and Arches National Park.  We shall see!  Yesterday was supposed to be a short day!

Ernie and Noela are spending tonight in Nebraska and have about 600+  miles before meeting up with us in Moab.  Ken and I have really enjoyed our time together but are looking forward to sharing the second part of our adventure with special friends.

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  1. Looks like you had another great day! Thanks for sharing all your adventures...I know how long it takes!! Say "Hi" to Ernie and Noela.