Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Last Full Day in the Durango Area! A Day to Relax!

After a delicious breakfast and a relaxing morning, we left the CG and were at the UM Church in Durango by 9:15 for their contemporary service.  It was a smaller church than ours back home, but very, very active in the community, plus they have a school.  

Being the 1st Sunday in October, it was World Wide Communion and they did a great job of putting so much meaning into that sacrament.  We really appreciated being there.  

We were back to the CG by 11:15, changed (it was sunny and mild - 66 degrees, so shorts and capris were the clothing of the day).  We walked to the porch at the office to use their WI-FI, for our data plan starts over tomorrow and we are within 3% of our usage!  I downloaded photos and got the blog up-to-date!  Ken did some work on Facebook.

We decided to just have a day at the CG since we have been so busy the last 3 days. We have enjoyed all the things we came to this area to see and do!  We will be leaving for near Albuquerque tomorrow morning and stay at a CG close to the Balloon Fiesta Site for 2 nights in preparation for our 1st boondocking experience.  It should be interesting!

Ken did a lot of work outside in preparation for leaving tomorrow.  Our grill has never been so clean!  He also loaded the bikes and disconnected the sewer!  I did some work inside and then I made some jewelry while watching football.  

We took a walk around the campground for a "photo shoot" and took a picture of the Durango and Silverton Railroad passing the CG. 

This is a must do train ride when in this area!

The entrance to the CG!

What a beautiful backdrop for the office of the CG!

We loved the sites we could see from this CG!

This is the 1st CG we have stayed in that offers a "laundry:
for your doggie!

It cost about $10.00 to wash and blow dry your dog.
I think 75% of the campers in this park had one or 2 dogs!

Another gorgeous site from the CG!

This CG really is a very nice one and the workers are so pleasant and helpful. A great location for when you are in this area.

Enjoyed a relaxing evening of reading and watching more football.

Our stay in the Durango area has been fantastic!


  1. Wow...that view from your CG is amazing!!

  2. That comment was from your sis!!