Thursday, April 28, 2016

Where is the Warm Weather?

Okay, it is about time for Spring to show its face!  It has been way too cool, cloudy, and now rainy!

Wednesday was a day spent with my parents.  It was cloudy and very cool when Ken drove me to Masonic Homes, after stopping at Subway to get Mom and Dad lunch.  He went back home while Cindy and I spent the morning taking the winter clothes our of Mom's closet, packing them in boxes and then putting her spring wardrobe in the closet.  The 3 of us had a good time working together.

We finished around 11:30 when Dad came to visit us.  Cindy left and Mom, Dad and I enjoyed our subs.  After some texting, I discovered that Neil and Nancy Savage were in her father's room here at Masonic Homes.  So I headed to his room to be a supportive friend since her father is in the final stage of his life. Nancy's family is with their father almost round the clock.  What a hard time for all of them.  

I went back to my parents and when Ken arrived the 4 of us spent the afternoon playing 3 games of Pinochle.  The men won 2 of the 3 games.  I appreciated that Neil and Nancy stopped by to meet my parents.  I realize how blessed I am to have parents that are relatively healthy and of very sound mind.  We had a fun afternoon and Ken and I were back home by 5:15.

By 6:30 we at Jamie's house with ice cream from Dairy Queen for their family. They were just finishing dinner, so we sat with them and had a nice time chatting with Jamie, Dane and the girls.  We left by 8 when Bria and Cali were going to bed.  It was a nice visit.

We watched some TV while I did some work on our budget program.

Today, Thursday, was another cloudy, rainy, and "raw" day.  Ken had breakfast with Gary and I spent most of the morning doing laundry and packing food, etc. for our trip back to Florida.  When Ken returned he loaded our bikes, grill, etc. in the car.  Then he did some work on the computer.  I did some clean-up around the house and by 3 we were on our way to Lanie's house, about 45 minutes from Lititz.  

We spent time playing with Samantha and Katelyn and chatting with Lanie until Bob got home from work.  Then all of us went to a local Pizzeria for dinner.  Bob went back home to pack for his trip this weekend to North Carolina for a Kubb tournament.  Lanie, Samantha, Katelyn, Ken and I went to a nearby McDonald's for ice cream and to play games on their computers.  We had a great time.

Back to Lititz by 8:00 and we watched TV and I worked on the blog.  I can't believe we leave on Saturday to go back to Florida to get Waldo and then take a slow trip back home enjoying some of the places we usually don't stop to visit - Jekyll, Charleston, and the Outer Banks.  It will be a fun adventure!

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