Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Boy, Time Certainly Flies!

Didn't realize how long it has been since I did a post.  I guess we have been fairly busy, but enjoying this time with our family and friends!

Last Tuesday I planted some flowers at the apartment to add some color for the summer.  We also checked out a storage place in Manheim that would be a good option for storing Waldo.  Cindy and John keep Harvey there and it has worked out well.  

Wednesday I left the apartment early to have breakfast with my Curvette ladies.  It was Shirley's 80th Birthday so we planned a special celebration.  Each of us took a bunch of cut flowers that we put together and she ended up with a huge bouquet.  We also had cards, cupcakes and balloons.  Quite a celebration, but you don't turn 80 but once.  Shirley is an amazing lady and we all want to b like her when "we grow up".  I did some shopping in the morning and then Ken and I drove to Reading to have lunch with Rick and Joyce at Viva, where we were able to eat outside.  It was a gorgeous day for that and the food was exceptional.  She also brought me 4 more cans of Chai which she had ordered for me, since she is the person who got me "hooked" on it!

Thursday I had a fun day stamping and making greeting cards with my mother at Masonic Homes.  Ken took me there at 1:00 and we "crafted" all afternoon.  It was fun.  Ken had gone to visit a fellow classmate from high school that fell down steps at his home in March and ended up being paralized from the neck down.  He is slowly regaining some use of his hands and with therapy they say he should be walking in about a year.  What a tragedy!  Ken came back at 7 and Dad joined us so the 4 of us could play Pinochle.  

Friday Ken had a regular routine Dr. appointment and she was thrilled with his weight loss and his vitals.  She did tell him that he some arthritis in his knees and his thumb.  What is that about????  That is for old people!  We spent about 1 1/2 hours trying to fix the 2 shades at the windshield in Waldo.  What a job. We had to remove the "facing" and take down both of the shades. Unfortunately it is an awkward space to get into and so cramped, but we were able to get it fixed!  We were proud of each other for not losing our ""cool" and just being supportive of each other!

Saturday we went for a long walk and stopped at the Farmer's Market here in Lititz where we bought a loaf of bread made with King Arthur Flour from Burlington Vermont.  We had toured that place with Chuck and Melissa in Sept. So, I had to call them when we got back to the apartment to reflect on our fall Leaf Tour trip.  We had such a nice chat.  I certainly hope we see them sometime this summer.  We took Waldo to the storage place in Manheim after lunch.  In the evening we met our couples card club for dinner and then card playing at Dan and Jackie's.  What a fun evening, only getting to bed around 12.

Sunday was another special day.  After a great service at church, we went to Mechanicsburg for a picnic hosted by my cousin Mary (a daughter of my father's sister) for the extended Althouse clan.  So good to see many of my cousins that I haven't seen for years.  We only got back home around 7.

Monday I had an appointment with my dermatologist and fortunately all she did was freeze a spot near my eye that may have been pre-cancerous.  Nothing to worry about.  Jamie cut our hair in the afternoon and then Ken went to Celebrate Recovery in the evening.  I worked on digital scrapbooking.

Tuesday we spent time working on our itinerary for our trip out west starting in Sept.  E-mailed some info to Ernie and Noela and asked for some input since they will be joining us in October for the last 6 weeks of the trip.  Then we spent the afternoon at Masonic Homes playing Pinochle with Mom and Dad.  Another afternoon of fun!

Today I did some food preparation and put stuffed peppers in the crockpot.  Ken went with me to a urology appointment after lunch.  I was supposed to get the results of the cytology report, but of course, Dr. Del Terzo hadn't received it yet!  So, he will call me on Friday with the information.  I think he just wanted to talk to us some more about our travels.  He gave us his home address to sent him a postcard when we are in one of his favorite areas in New Mexico.  We stopped at Costco and met up with Cindy and John.  Surprise!  Enjoyed the stuffed peppers and then watched American Ninja Warrior.  Did get a call from Jamie, our youngest daughter, and she just found out she is going to need some laprascopic surgery.  She has an appointment with the OB/GYN next Wed. and we will know more at that time.  

We have been having gorgeous weather during this time with temperatures in the 70's and 80's with plenty of sunshine.  So, we have been enjoying long walks and eating out on the deck.  Life is good!

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