Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Great Family Weekend!

Saturday morning was a relaxing one around the apartment.  We wanted to take a walk, but it was 17 degrees and didn't warm up very quickly.  So, we stayed inside!

After lunch, we left to go to a Memorial Service for Ken's Uncle Wilbur who had died about 2 weeks ago.  We went early to visit with his children before the service because we were going to pick-up up Bria and Cali around 3 and have them overnight so staying for the service was not an option!

What a fun time with Bria and Cali.  After visiting just a short time with Jamie and Dane (they were going to the Hospital Gala for dinner and the evening) and waiting to see Jamie in her beautiful, fancy dress (she looked amazing!), Bria, Cali, Ken and I went bowling.  Ken and I hadn't bowled for years and I wasn't sure how my back would handle it, but it went well and we had a blast.  The girls thought they might want "bumpers" in the gutters, but decided against it.  We were so proud of how they handled the whole experience because they could have gotten a bit frustrated.  Instead, they just laughed a lot and kept trying to do their best!

Bria stayed focused and did well!

Cali had a great time and has such a
wild curve ball just when it gets to the
end of the lane!

What form!!!!!

After bowling, we went to our favorite pizza shop in Lititz, Roma, for dinner and then to Wendy's for dessert - a Frosty!  Back to the apartment to play 2 games of Skip-Bo with Bria and I winning the 1st one and Ken and Cali and 2nd.  They do so well at that game.  

We were all in bed by 9:30 after a wonderful evening with 2 special ladies!

Sunday morning I got up before the rest of the "crew" and got ready for Church.  The girls only made an appearance at 7:30.  I made them pancakes for breakfast and we got everything cleaned up before leaving for church at 8:30.  We met Jamie and Dane there and told them what a delightful time we had with their girls!

After church, Ken and I went back home to cook breakfast and left by 11:45 to drive to Bob and Lanie's for Samantha's soccer game.  It was cool, but not windy and the sun was shining!  Jamie's family joined in the fun too!  Sam's team didn't win, but they played well together!

Samantha stayed focused on the game!

We all went back to Lanie and Bob's for the afternoon and the 4 gals had a great time being together.  The adults watched some of the Steelers game and visited.  Jamie's family left a little before dinner, but Ken and I stayed to enjoy Lanie's homemade chili that was delicious.  Samantha entertained us with a short dance "recital" before leaving at 5:45.  Ken and I stopped at Polly's for a short time and then we went to a Christmas Program at a church here in Lititz by Servant Stage.  We had been to 2 of their shows this summer and found them extremely entertaining and the shows so well done.  They are free to the "underresourced" and held in places where disabled folks can easily attend.  It is a group of Christian singers where the audience only pays by donation.  What a mission!  We really enjoyed the "Old Time Radio Christmas Show"!

It certainly was a fun weekend and so special when you can spend so much time with family!

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