Friday, November 3, 2017

Very Early Rise!

Ken and I were up by 5:15 and on our way to the Physicians Surgical Center in Lancaster by 6.  I had to be there by 6:30 for my 7 AM cystoscopy!  It had been 1 year since my last one and somehow that year passes way too quickly!

As usual, Dr. Del Terzo was in a great mood and because I was his 1st patient of the day, he was happy to spend a lot of time chatting with us.  I really appreciate his demeanor and that he actually knows both of us very well.  (One of us better than the other!)  The procedure went well and painless as usual and he was very reassuring that the spot he found that needs to be removed is absolutely nothing to worry about.  Matter of fact, he said I could wait to have it removed when we return from Florida in March and knowing how cautious he is, I found that very reassuring!  But, we opted to have surgery before Thanksgiving if they have room in their schedule, which he is sure they do!  I am not thrilled about it, but after "digesting" the info, I realize how very blessed I am.

We were out of there by 7:30 and stopped at Knight and Day restaurant for breakfast.  Back home till 10:15 when we left to go to the New Balance Outlet for Ken to get 3 pair of sneakers (buy 2 get one free!) and then to Costco for a few items (under $50.00, imagine that!) and then a hot dog lunch!

Back home by 12:30 and Ken worked at his desk while I scoured the bathroom and did some e-mails.  I also talked to my mother and sister regarding this morning's procedure.  At 2:15 we went for a walk around town.  It was a mostly cloudy day but in the low 70's, a great time to walk!  The leaves are so beautiful!

We spent some time in the kitchen getting salads for dinner and cutting up fruits and veggies.  Ken did some reading and I worked on the blog.   Ken did more reading and we watched the news while eating dinner.

We played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot which finished the game we had started earlier this week.  I was victorious!  We spent some time just chatting and "discussing life" and by 9:45 we were heading to bed.  It has been a long day!

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  1. So glad everything turned out well for you! Can only imagine how stressful that must be each year? Let me know if we can do anything for you...we are in Virginia now but will be home at Thanksgiving for a few days. Love to you and Ken!