Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday - Another Gorgeous Day in Florida!

After a great night's sleep, the 4 of us were outside for coffee and chai drinking by 8:30.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and in the upper 60's.  Then we headed inside to enjoy breakfast together and plan our day.

We left the house at 10 and drove to the new development, Finney, that will be the next phase of The Villages.  They have already sold numerous homes in that area and it really only started this spring.  We went to the newly built 18 hole putting golf course there and it was a lot of fun.  We played all 18 holes and the longest putting green was 140 feet with very few of them being straight shots.  Most of them were very curved and sloped.  Chuck was the winner but I would say we all did reasonably well.

When we finished we drove through one of the sections where they have patio homes completed and toured an open house.  It is amazing how many they have sold already.  

We drove back to the house to have lunch and change outfits for playing pickleball.  Before leaving, I had a conversation with a public relations gentleman at Winnebago to gather information and try to understand what is "going on" with Wilbur.  He was helpful and very courteous.  We appreciate what good "soundboards" Melissa and Chuck are when we are in the midst of this process and how they can identify with our feelings.  I got another call from a service manager at Winnebago who even shed more light as to what is going on and more detail on how these issues should be addressed.  Later I had a conversation with Samantha at Lazydays relaying the information I had gotten from Winnebago.  Hopefully we are all on the "same page".  I guess time will tell.

The 4 of us left to play pickleball and had another great time.  I played in my SAS both for the golf and pickleball and it went well.  It really is a bit restrictive, but I believe it is definitely beneficial.  We only returned to the house at 6 and Melissa made a chicken pie while I got salads ready for the 4 of us.  After showers we enjoyed a delicious meal together, cleaned up, and played the final round of Samba.  The men were winning by about 3,500 points after the 1st 3 rounds, but only ended up winning by 385 points at the very end.  We then started a game of Mexican Train which we will finish another night.  Melissa is in the lead.

Tomorrow morning Ken and I will head to Lazydays to meet with Samantha, one of the service technicians, and to get somethings we need to take with us to St. Augustine on Monday.  We had planned to be in Harbor Lakes CG starting tomorrow, but you know about "the best laid plans"!  We are just hoping all the repairs will be completed by next Thursday and we can pick up Wilbur on our return trip from St. Augustine.  We hope to be set-up in Harbor Lakes later that day.  Staying another 3 1/2 days with Chuck and Melissa has been such a blessing and we love having additional time with them.  They are the best!!!!

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