Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Great Tuesday and Wednesday!

Ken left at 7:45 on Tuesday morning to go to the storage place where we have Wilbur to talk to them about keeping his space over the winter.  It is hard to find a good, safe place to store Wilbur when we are around and we are thrilled with the location we currently have.  We decided to pay for the months we are gone and the owner said if anyone wanted to use the space during that time she would credit our account - how nice!

Then Ken went to Evergreen Diner to enjoy a wonderful breakfast with his siblings.  They spent about 2 hours together just catching up on what is happening with everyone's families.  They do not get together very often, so it is always a special time when they have the opportunity!

As soon as Ken got back home, I left for the Hempfield Rec Center to play pickleball from 11 to 1:45.  I met Cindy and John there and it was so much fun.  There were about 16 players and 2 courts, so we took turns playing, switching partners after every game.  I hadn't played for close to 2 months, so it took a little time to get back into the "swing"!

On the way home I stopped at Root's Country Market (only open on Tuesdays) for some fruit and veggies, getting back around 3.  Ken had worked at his desk and took a very long walk.  It wasn't a great day with cooler temperatures and very no sunshine!

We played a whole game of Hand and Foot (Ken won again!) and after dinner, Ken left for Celebrate Recovery.  I planned to work on some sea glass pictures, but I was rather lazy and sat on the sofa watching The Voice and playing Pop Words.  Just didn't feel like being creative!

Today, Wednesday, was another cool, damp day with very little sunshine.  I took Ken to MCC for his volunteer job did a "bunch" of errands ending up at Jamie's at 11 for a haircut!  Wow, she did a great job and I had such a good time chatting with her!  I picked up Ken at noon and then back to Jamie's for Ken's haircut!

We left there and did a few more errands before arriving back home at 3:30.  We dressed warmly and off we went for a walk around town.  Then Ken did some reading while I recorded our expenses, worked on this blog, and watched The Voice.  So many talented singers!  How can you pick a winner?

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