Monday, November 27, 2017

So Good to be with Chuck and Melissa Again!

On Monday morning, Ken and I were up by 7:00 and after getting ready, we were departing the CG at Lazydays by 7:45.  We drove to the service center parking area and then headed to the cafeteria for breakfast.

We met with Samantha, our service adviser, at 9:00 to discuss what needed to be done to Wilbur and were on our way to Chuck and Melissa's at The Villages by 9:30.  We made one stop for gas and to get some drinks before meeting Chuck and Melissa at the parking lot at Publix near the entrance to the section of The Villages that is close to where they live.  What a happy reunion!

We arrived at their new home at 11:30 and what a gorgeous place it is.  After a tour both inside and out we spent time chatting and catching up on life and our families!  By 2 we were all hungry and decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes for "lupper"!  It is one of our favorite salad bar places when in Florida and we were not disappointed.  We took our time and enjoyed just being together (the food was great too!).  When we were leaving, Chuck and Melissa received a call that their motorhome was ready to be picked up after getting new tires and wheels.  So we drove to the "tire place" and Melissa and I followed Ken and Chuck in the motorhome back to the storage area where they keep their "rig". 

From there the 4 of us took a drive to the new phase where they have started construction in The Villages.  They will be building 14,000 new homes and already there are many under construction.  We  toured the newly built community center that was gorgeous as well as the outdoor pool and boardwalk around the preserve area.  Everything about The Villages is definitely 1st Class!

By the time we returned to their home, it was dark and after more chatting and lots of laughter, we played 2 games of Pinochle, each winning a game.

We are so thankful for their hospitality and just for the opportunity to be together again.

We did get a call from Samantha today and the roller and motor that are needed to repair the slide have to be ordered, so she call us daily with an update!  We also asked them to check the caulking on the roof and it needs to be replaced.  As we always say, RVing isn't for the faint of heart!!!

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