Saturday, November 4, 2017

Just A Nice Day!

Ken was up a little before me, but he was reading while I got ready for the day!  We had a light breakfast and by 8:30 I was on my way to Hobby Lobby in the Lebanon area.  I wanted to get a few items for my craft business that I can only purchase there.  I had a good time taking my time and just looking around.

I left there at 10:45 and drove to Hershey to the large craft show they were having at the High School.  I had hoped to participate in that show, but after walking around I can understand while I wasn't selected to participate - there were so many jewelry stands!  I guess I need to advertise my sea glass pictures much more than my jewelry.  There were a couple vendors with some pictures made from sea glass and pebbles, but most of them were larger than the ones I make.  That will probably be my future a lot more than the jewelry!

My sister was a vendor with her magnetic pins that are used to hold scarves in place when worn.  I think she had a very good day and the bonus was that our mother went with her for the day.  That is good for Mom and for Cindy!  I enjoyed being there and seeing what other people are making plus being able to visit with Cindy and my mother.

I was back home by 1:15 and Ken had a busy morning.  He took a long walk, worked at his desk and then cleaned that area, read, showered and got ready to go the funeral for his uncle.  I did some prep work for some dips I am making for the ladies card club that will be here on Monday.  We left at 1:45 to go to Manheim for Ken's uncle, Wilbur's funeral.  When we got to the Church there were no cars or people there.  So, Ken looked up his obituary and discovered yes, it was on Saturday, but next Saturday, not today!  Really?????  So, he decided he had better treat me to some ice cream at the local Twin Kiss.  What a guy!!!

We were back home by 2:45 and discovered the Penn State game was stopped for a thunderstorm and would be broadcast later when the storm ended.  So, I made my 2 dips for card club, cut-up fruit, and then set-up in the LR to make jewelry while watching football.  This was another disappointing game for Penn State and their fans!  

Ken grilled salmon and pork for dinner and I made broccoli in the oven for the 1st time and it was delicious.  Even Ken liked it and he is not a huge broccoli fan!  We cleaned up and then played numerous rounds of Hand and Foot.  Ken won the 1st game by a huge margin and then we decided to play another 4 rounds.  Ken won by less than 100 points and in Hand and Foot it is amazing to be that close after 4 rounds!

I worked on the this blog and we were in bed early considering the time change!  Looking forward to going to Masonic Homes tomorrow afternoon to celebrate my mother's 88th birthday - what a milestone.  Cindy and John will be there too and we are picking up a cake at Costco for the occasion so she can share it with the folks on her floor!

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