Monday, November 20, 2017

Sunday and Monday - Windy Days

It was rather cool and windy when we headed off to Church on Sunday morning!  It was a very good service but unfortunately none of our Life Group or our family were there today.  So, we were out of there fairly quickly following the service!

We stopped at Wal-Mart for a few groceries before going home to make breakfast.  I spent the next several hours getting set-up and prepping food our couples card club at our house.  All went well.  I even had some extra time to do some crafting.  We also got to watch some football.

The 8 of us met at Stoner's Grille for a light dinner at 4:30.  Most of us enjoyed our food but we had a good time just chatting!  We were back to our house by 6:15 and started playing cards.  We play Haus and switch partners after every four hands, allowing us to play with everyone throughout the evening!  Snacking is good too!

Everyone left by 9:15 so Ken and I watched the Eagles football game.  What a great one! It was a fun day!

Today, Monday, was another windy one but at least it was a bit warmer.  After having breakfast, Ken and I went to pick up Wilbur.  On the way there, a light game on in the CRV indicating that one of our tires had lost some air.  We have been having that trouble off and on lately so Ken knew he had to take it to the place where we had gotten the new tires not too long ago to have it checked.  We had to have that one patched at the tire place within the last year, but it was supposed to do the "trick"!  Obviously something was not quite right.  

Ken and I did our delivery in Lititz for Meals on Wheels and after we ate lunch, Ken went to have the tire checked.  They replaced the patch and said it is good to go!  Yeah!  Then he did a few more errands returning around 3.

I had a nice conversation with Diane Weaver, a friend who is also dealing with scoliosis and has the Scoliosis Activity Suit.  We like to chat occasionally to "compare notes"!  I am still having hip and leg pain and it is making my limp so exaggerated!  I sincerely hope it soon improves.  I am thinking that the warmer weather in Florida may be a help!  I guess we will have to wait and see! I also spent a lot of time getting things together that I want to take to Florida and it seems to be "way too much".  Between clothing, food and all my craft stuff it really "adds up"!  We will have to wait until the last minute to load some of the things because of the cold weather!

Ken grilled for dinner and we made salads.  After cleaning up we played a game of Hand and Foot which Ken won in the very last round!  Then he did some reading while I watched The Voice and worked on this blog.  To bed around 10!

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