Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day 2 with the Gregorys!

Ken and I were up around 6:45 and he did some reading and devotions while I showered and got ready for the day.  We joined Chuck and Melissa around 8:00 and the 4 of us sat outside enjoying our coffee and chai in the warm, sunny weather.  Around 9:30 we discovered that Chuck and Melissa had already had breakfast, so it was time for Ken and I to "get moving"!  I love that Melissa just gives us "free range" of the kitchen and doesn't feel like she has to wait on us.  So, Ken and I made egg sandwiches while we all chatted!

After breakfast, the 4 of us got on our bikes and took an 11 mile ride throughout this section of The Villages.  I am not sure how you ever find your way around without getting lost!  You can ride around forever!  We stopped at one of the many community centers to watch them playing ping pong.  Chuck has enjoyed being part of that club.  There were some very good players and after about 1/2 hour of being spectators, Ken and Chuck played about 4 games with 2 of the members.  They had a good time, but were unable to win any of the games.

When we returned to their house, Chuck made us one of his favorite smoothies complete with some spinach!  It was rather tasty!  We changed clothes and drove to the pickleball courts where we played about 6 games.  None of us had played for quite awhile and we had some good games and long volleys.  It was so much fun!  Back to the house to shower and get ready to go to dinner at McAlisters here in The Villages.  It is place a lot like Panera Bread, only much better.  We walked to the town square to listen to the music.  Every evening, 365 days a year, they have a live band playing and there are at least 3 town squares.  Hard to imagine!

Back by 7 so we could begin our evening of card playing.  Ken and I thought we would teach them how to play Hand and Foot, but here in The Villages they play a game that is almost the same except for a few slight variations - Samba!
So, that is what we played this evening and we had a great time!

Bed around 11 and I worked on the blog before calling it a day and what a special one it was!  We love spending time with Chuck and Melissa!

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