Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Things Are Coming Together

Well, we feel like we turned the corner today!  We have been able to pinpoint some problems with Waldo (nothing major) and they were able to get us answers and solve them.  We were very concerned that we wouldn't be able to leave tomorrow since they only started working on Waldo and the hitching set-up for the CRV mid afternoon.  We had taken him to the service area by 8 this morning, so we were getting anxious when 2:30 came and very little had been done.  But, true to their word, most of it was done by 5:30.  They will put the tire valve extenders on 1st thing tomorrow morning and it will take about 2 hours.  They also had trouble getting the hitch for the tow bar to fit into the receiver (required lots of grinding), so they will have that finished by morning and help us get it "hitched together". Yes!  Hopefully we will be on our way to the Naples area by noon tomorrow.  That will be just fine!

After our free breakfast this morning (they give you a free breakfast and lunch everyday you stay at their campground) we headed to our 9 AM driving class.  I was excited to learn how to handle and drive the Motorhome, but also rather nervous.  I didn't want to be the 1st student to hit something while taking my driving lesson.  We spent 2 hours in a classroom setting learning a "dot" method of how to judge distance when parking, turning, and driving.  It eliminates the need to guess or just "wing it".  It is an unbelievable simple method once you understand it.  Even the men who have been driving Motorhomes for years felt they learned a lot.  It is going to require some practice and the placing of little dots on our mirrors, window and 1 on each side, but the guidelines these dots provide are priceless.  This class is free to people who buy at Lazydays ($99.00 for other RVers) and it is well worth it.  51,000 folks have taken this class - Wow!

This is the motorhome we drove around the CG!
It was a 1 mile course throughout the park!

The 11 of us are waiting to hop into the Coach!

Okay, all set to pull out of the space.  Here we go!

About halfway through the course, I was feeling more relaxed!

We drove the Motorhome and CRV back to the CG and had dinner around 6:30. Ken loaded the bikes on the back of the CRV and we did a few add'l things to get ready for our departure tomorrow.

We are getting so excited to be on the road with Waldo.  Our time at Lazydays has flown and we really didn't have much time to just enjoy our new home.  Looking forward to setting up at a campground and settling in.

Our salesman, Phil Collie, was supportive today and wanted to make sure we were getting the service we needed.  He checked in with us at the end of the day and offered us 2 more free days of staying at the CG here right before we head home the end of March.  That way, if we discover any problems over the next 8 weeks, we can return here to get them taken care of.  We appreciated the offer and will probably accept.

This is Waldo in the bay getting some problems fixed
and the towing system installed.

This is one of the bay areas at Lazydays.  They
have 220 service bays plus at least 80 bays for
body repairs.  Our 35 foot looks like a midget
compared to most of the Motorhomes here!

Just a side note!  They sold 250 RV's from Wed. to Sunday of last week between the showroom and the Tampa RV Show.  They sold 75 units just on Sunday.  Hard to imagine!

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