Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Great Time with Dave and Sharon!

Yesterday, Monday, was a special day with Dave and Sharon.  We arrived at their home around 9:30 and the 4 of us rode in their truck along with their dog, Daisy, to where their boat is docked.  We boated to Keewaydin Island, near Marco Island, unloaded and walked the short path to the Gulf.  Ken and I were amazed when we got to the end of the path and saw the view of the water.  What a beautiful area. We enjoyed our 3 hours there walking the beach looking for shells and sea glass. Sharon discovered that this is one of the only beaches in this area where you find sea glass.  We did find numerous pieces and I picked up shell pieces to use for my jewelry making.

Daisy loved being part of our adventure!

Boating past Marco Island!

Getting ready to anchor at Keewaydin Island!

This is the path to the Gulf of Mexico!

What a beautiful sight when we got to the end of the path!

Welcome to the Gulf!

The pelicans like this area too!

We left the Island at 2:30 and rode to Kice Island to look for the whales that had washed onto that shoreline several days ago.  We assume they must have washed back out to sea, for we didn't see any in that area.  We got back to there home at 4:30 after driving 30 miles on their boat.  It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day, a perfect day for shelling and boating.

Back to the boat for the return voyage!

The jewelry makers sharing ideas and "checking out"
each other's crreations!

Examples of Sharon's earrings and necklaces!

Ken and I came back to Waldo and got ready to host Dave and Sharon for Happy Hour and supper.  They are always so generous and kind when we are here and we decided it was time we do our part and at least cook dinner.  They had wanted to stop by to see Waldo, so it was the perfect time to do something for them.  We had a fun evening sharing stories and enjoying each others company.  They left around 9:30, all of us tired from the busy day.  Sharon and I did find some time to talk "jewelry", each of us getting some new ideas.  Sharon makes earrings and necklaces that are very unique and special.

On Tuesday we will have another fun day bike riding on Marco Island with Barry and Deb.  This time in Naples is certainly going by quickly.  We are so thankful to be able to share it with special friends.  

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