Sunday, January 19, 2014

On Our Way to Florida!

Not a very good night's sleep if you consider going to bed at 8:30, falling to sleep around 9:30, and waking to 2:00 AM alarm.  Loaded up the final few items, turned off the water, and were on our way South by 2:45.  Our goal - to reach GA in time for the 2nd half of the Denver/Patriots game!  Quite a goal!!!!

It was only 16 degrees when we left PA and people wonder why we like to spend part of Jan., Feb. and March in Florida.  It's a no brainer!!  By the time the sun appeared we were stopping for breakfast just south of Richmond.  We made several stops for gas - amazing how much less it takes and we actually got gas for just under $3.00 per gallon.  Imagine that!!!  We were able to find the play-off game on the radio so we could listen to the 1st half while traveling.  We arrived at our Motel at Exit 36A in GA at 4:15, just in time for the beginning of the 2nd half. Remembering our goal - do we plan or what??????  After the Broncos won - yeah Peyton, we walked to the local Subway and got subs to eat during the 2nd game.  

We drove 760 miles today and it went so well.  I made numerous phone calls throughout our traveling, including one to Phil Colie, our salesman at Lazydays to confirm our arrival early tomorrow afternoon.  We are so excited to see Waldo again and organize the inside and out for our travels throughout Florida.

Hope to be back on the road around 7 AM.  Already we are comfortable in just a sweatshirt.  So long to the winter coats!!!!!

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  1. Have a safe trip. I know you will enjoy that new home on wheels.