Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finally Starting to Relax and Enjoy Some Adventures!

Yesterday, Saturday, was a combination "catch up" day and fun with friends.  Ken and I did some additional re-organizing inside Waldo and out.  Now that we have spent some time living in Waldo, we discovered that a few of the cupboards and drawers contents were at the wrong place.  Soon we are going to have to spend time searching for things since we keep changing their location.  But, it is definitely getting better.

The CRV was so full of "stuff" that we didn't need in Waldo and have to take back to PA that it looked like we were homeless and living in our car.  Time to consolidate.  That was our next project and boy did we do a good job.  We were able to put our back seat in place and actually take folks with us.  What an accomplishment. 

We planned to go looking for a few more items we need for Waldo, but both of us decided we didn't want to do any "running".  So, after lunch we took a long walk.  When we returned we got ready for the arrival of Barry and Deb - we were cooking dinner for the 4 of us.  Ken set-up our new Weber Q120 grille and "seasoned" it for our 1st grilling.  What a great little grill for RVers.

Barry and Deb were here at 3:30 and we sat outside for "Happy Hour".  Ken grilled the salmon and chicken and we had salad and quinoa with rice.  After the sun went down, it got cool, so we ate indoors.  After dessert and hot tea, we played Cue Me and Sequence Dice.  What a nice evening with special friends.  They left at 10.

This is a nice RV Resort in a good location!

Let the games begin!!!!

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