Friday, January 31, 2014

On to Pine Island!

Ken and I took our time getting ready this morning since it was raining hard! We were on our way to Pine Island by 9:30 - all went well.  Ken had no trouble getting out of our site, hooking up the CRV  went very smoothly, the drive went well even though we were in heavy rain, and getting into our site at Pine Island was simple.  Ken is really enjoying having a Motorhome.  He just wasn't comfortable being a trucker!!!!!

The rain had become a drizzle when we got to Pine Island, so set-up went well.  Amazing how quickly we have gotten comfortable with so many aspects of our new home!  We made lunch and then spent time working on our computers.  Neil and Nancy came to see us at 2:30 - so good to see them again.  They will be here till a week from Sunday.  Then around 3:00, Chuck and Melissa came by.  We hadn't seen them seen last winter here in Florida, so it was a great reunion.  We enjoyed visiting and sharing our adventures of the last year until 4:45.  

The 6 of us (Ken is taking the picture) reconnecting in Waldo!

This is Waldo in our campsite at Pine Island!  We are
in the front of the CG only 2 spots from Coy and Betsy.
Nancy and Neil and Melissa and Chuck are in the back of the CG!

At 5:00 to have dinner with Coy and Betsy, whom we hadn't seen since Pine Island last year.  Another great reunion.  Betsy made a delicious dinner for us of fresh grilled shrimp, twice baked potatoes, beans, and then choc. cupcakes and ice cream.  What a nice gesture!  We were so grateful for their hospitality.  We had a fun evening of sharing stories from the past year.  We got back to Waldo around 9.

The fresh shrimp kabobs were so good and I''m usually not
a fish eater!

What a great day of spending time with special friends and sharing life.  We are so blessed!

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