Friday, January 24, 2014

Our 1st Day in the Naples Area

Ken and I were so happy to have a good night's sleep and not having to hurry in the morning!  We slowly got ready for the day and then Barry and Deb came to the CG at 10.  It has been an entire year since we saw them and it was great.  We gave them a tour of Waldo and then sat in the Living Area talking and "catching up" on what has been going on in our lives for the past year.  What a joy to spend time together.  Around 12:30 we drove to a local eatery where Ken could have his 1st grouper for the year.  It was a Grouper fish and chips meal and Ken was thrilled.  It also gave us more time with Barry and Deb.

Deb and Barry had these aprons made for
us as a Waldo Housewarming Gift.  Love them!!!

So good to see Barry and Deb after 1 year!

Ken's 1st grouper! Need to be careful of the fried food but it
is sooooo good!!

We went our separate ways after lunch so we could take Ken's bike to get 2 new tire tubes (both were flat when we arrived and had been losing air when we were here in the fall).  We had to drive for quite awhile to find a bike shop and the 1st one was very unfriendly and after waiting for 10 minutes and no one acknowledging us, we left.  We found Naples Bike Shop right around the corner and they were so helpful and welcoming.  We left the bike there and went to Target to buy some needed things for Waldo.  Then we picked up the bike and stopped at Wal-Mart for a few groceries.  We only got back to Waldo around 6:30 - tired.  Made a light dinner and I spent some time trying to re-organize using some of the things we had purchased.  Waldo is starting to really come together, but we still have trouble locating certain things!

Talked to my sister, Cindy, and I am certainly glad we are not in PA.  Way toooooo cold for me!  Can't believe those cold single digit temperatures.

We are having Barry and Deb here for dinner tomorrow evening and some game playing.  Sunday or Monday we will spend time with Dave and Sharon Horst. Then more time with Barry and Deb on Tuesday and Wednesday including kayaking and biking.  We are Celebrating Life Daily and what better place than Florida!!!!

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  1. We are always losing thinks in our rv. Who knew you could misplace things in such a small area.