Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Bit Warmer Here!

Well, it may be a bit warmer in PA, but we are still just counting the days until we can leave for Florida.  Our time at home as been so much fun and we have shared many wonderful times and special moments with family and friends.  But, it is time to get to sunny, warm Florida!

We had all 4 granddaughters overnight on Friday and had such a good time.  They play so well together.   Then our daughters and their husbands joined us Saturday afternoon for a birthday party for Lanie and Jamie.  They both have birthdays in January.  A special family time.

Reading during the Friday night sleepover!

Breakfast on Saturday morning!

Birthday celebration Saturday afternoon and evening for
our daughters - now 34 and 36.  Wow!  I must have had
them in my teens!!!!   NOT!

Time for birthday cake!

We have been in contact with Lazydays and all of the work has been complete on Waldo.  They will get the CRV hitching equipment in place so that we will be able to tow it behind Waldo while we are in Florida.  That is scheduled to be done when we get there.  Also, I am going to take a course they offer for learning how to drive a Motorhome. Ken hopes to take it too!  There is classroom instruction in the morning and then you go to a course at the property in the afternoon and drive a 38 foot motorhome.  Should be a good experience and something I really need to know how to do!

We are slowly starting to pack for our trip south and Ken is getting concerned - that we have more than we can get into the CRV.  We have all the hitching equipment, a new grill, all my craft "stuff" including tables and display items, clothes, some food, etc.  It is crazy!  We may have to just leave somethings behind!  Time will tell!

Tonight I talked to our new friends from Canada, Ernie and Noela, that we met while in Florida in the Fall.  They had left their trailer in the Venice area when they went back to Canada.  They left Canada on Thursday and had lots of bad weather on their trip south.  They arrived in Florida on Sunday and stopped for the night at a hotel just off Route 75 near Sarasota.  When they headed out to their truck on Monday morning for the last leg of their trip, their dually truck was gone!  Someone had stolen it during the night!  Now the tough time begins and it is even more complicated when you are in a different country!  They are not sure what they will do - buy a truck in the states or fly back to Canada, purchase one there and then drive back to Florida.  So many questions and it is so hard to get answers - sales tax (6% in Florida and then another 15% in Canada and what they paid in Florida is not recognized), insurance, timing of the purchase, etc.  I really feel badly for them.  They have spent the last 2 days signing papers, making calls, looking at used trucks, etc.  Also, they had lots of things in their truck for the return to Florida.  If you have any thoughts or ideas for them, just let me know and I will pass them on to Ernie and Noela.  Ken is always concerned when we stay at a Motel and leave some things in our vehicle.  Just a reminder to take all of your valuables into the hotel just to be safe!

Looking forward to going to Sam's 5th Birthday Party on Saturday and then beginning our trip to Florida around 4 AM on Sunday.  Ken likes to get an early start!!!!


  1. You can register a vehicle in Florida with a post office box as an address. I did it when I bought the bike in Florida. As for the tax issue, I have no idea with them being from Canada.I think if it was me I would return to Canada to buy a truck. It was a nightmare getting the title transferred to Texas.

  2. OMG! That is a terrible story. Was the truck locked? I am sure it was...we always lock ours. Give me a call when you are traveling, if you want. Hope your trip down goes supper smooth. We have been busy getting more organized. It is very nice weather but much cooler than the last two years.