Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Beautiful Day in Naples

Today, Sunday, we were on our way by 8:45 to go to the Naples KOA where Barry and Deb are RVing for their 3 months in Florida.  The 4 of us headed to Goodland to launch our kayaks.  Ken and I had not kayaked since last May but the inflation process for our Sea Eagle Kayak went very well.  Soon we were on the water and we immediately saw the dolphins up close and personal.  One of them totally leaped out of the water.  A great sight!

Ready for the big kayak launch and paddle!

Barry is well prepared to be on the water!

Deb pedals instead of paddle!

The dolphins were fairly close to our kayaks!

Note the pelican with the swallowed fish!

The weathervane on top of Stans Bar and Eatery!

Time to relax (note Ken's feet) and chat!

We paddled for a couple hours and then drove to Goodland for lunch.  We ate at the Old Marco Lodge Crab House sitting on their outside deck right on the water.  A beautiful place to have lunch and watch the boats.  The food was exceptional, especially the sweet potato fries.  I guess our diets and better eating will start a bit later!  We were there until 3:30 and then we parted ways, both heading back to our CG's.  We made a stop at Wal-Mart.

What a nice setting for a delicious lunch!

We needed to clean the kayak and dry it when we returned to our campsite, which took longer than we would have liked.  We decided a walk was needed after our large lunch.  It was a great evening for walking around the CG - 70 degrees with no wind.  You have to love this Florida weather!

Tomorrow we will be spending the day with Dave and Sharon Horst - boating, shelling, and having dinner together.  We invited them back to Waldo so we could cook dinner for the 4 of us.  We always have such a great time when we are together.

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  1. We wish we were further south. We are south of Houston now and had ice the other day.