Thursday, January 23, 2014

We Feel Like We Are Finally in Florida!

Today was another interesting day that taught us another lesson in patience.  We were up early and had the CRV and Waldo at the Service Area at Lazydays by 8 AM.  Waldo was supposed to get valve stem extenders at 8 and it would take about 2 hours.  It went into the shop around 9 and was ready to go to the service bay to complete a few repairs and get the tow system for the CRV connected around 11:45.   During that time we had a free breakfast and lunch, used our $60.00 coupon at the camping store, and then went to tour some of the new Motorhomes on their lot.  We even looked at the Winnebagos and I am happy to report that I like the interior of ours the very best.  Ken was relieved!'

After meeting with our delivery rep, he told us to drive to the service bay to get an "education/refresher course" on our towing system and check that everything was  completed.  Unfortunately when we got there, all of the service people were on their 1 hour lunch break.  1 guy had decided not to take lunch and he was happy to look at what was needed and do the work.  The only thing he could not do was the towing package.  We really appreciated his help.  Sal, our tech, was a great guy who was so patient, knowledgeable, and so kind.  As soon as he returned from lunch he did his very best to get us out of there as soon as possible.  He did a wonderful job of explaining the towing system and making sure we were comfortable with all of it.  We were on our way to Naples by 1:45 with the CRV following close behind!  Both of us were a bit anxious!

We made the 167 mile drive to Naples by 4:30 and all went so well.  Ken enjoyed driving Waldo and loved the view from the huge windshield.  The campsite is rather small, but should work out well for our week's stay.  We are just so happy to be parked and to start relaxing and enjoying each day.  We found the last 4 days to be rather stressful and tiring, but are very pleased with the work that Lazydays did for us.

We got all set-up, took a walk around the CG, and after dinner figured out how to have surround sound and turn both the driver's and passenger seats to be comfortable seating for watching TV in the LR area.  Small things can make a nice difference.

We had planned to see Barry and Deb, our Canadian friends, when we arrived today, but due to our late arrival, we will get together tomorrow morning.  At that time we will plan our activities together for the next week including bike riding, hiking, and kayaking.  We are so anxious to see them.  We also talked to Dave and Sharon Horst, originally from the New Holland area, and plan to spend some time with them boating and just having fun together.  

Let them good times begin!!!!!


  1. Glad you arrived safely...have fun! Enjoy your new toy! The first days are the best!

  2. I know you will enjoy your new home on wheels.
    Hope the weather is better in Florida than it is in Texas.