Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last Full Week at Home Was a Blast!!!

This has been a hectic but fun week with family and friends.  We had breakfast with friends 3 mornings and dinner with friends 2 evenings and then a birthday party today!  Wow!  Also spent an afternoon playing cards with my parents and then stopped to visit with my sister and her husband.  

Our summer camping friends, the Martins invited us for dinner and cards on Thursday evening, so we had great food and lots of fun playing cards.  Of course the women were victorious.  Last night we had a delicious meal with our special friends, Dan and Jackie Hagy, and another evening of cards and competitive ping pong.  Today we had breakfast with our camping friends, Sam and Kathy.  We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people to share life with.  It was great to spend an evening or morning with them before leaving for several months.  

We were at our daughter, Lanie's, from 11 to 4 today to celebrate our granddaughter Sam's 5th birthday.  It was fun to spend that time with both of our daughters, their husbands, and all our granddaughters.  When the 4 little ones are together it is a special "treat".  They have so much fun.  We got some great photos, but the camera is already packed and I will post them later.

The Birthday Girl!

The cousins love being together!

I am so proud of our 2 daughters!

Katelyn enjoyed having Uncle Dane sit with her!

The little princess loved her princess
birthday cake!

Waiting for their piece of cake!

The girls imitating the dancing moves of Beyonce!
So cute!

Lanie had painted wooden frames for the girls to decorate!

Bob, Sam, Katelyn, and Lanie!

Before we left for the party, we packed the CRV for our early morning departure for FL tomorrow . Ken won't be able to see out the back, for it is packed to the ROOF!  Not sure where we will put all this STUFF in Waldo - we might have to make numerous donations to a Goodwill in Florida.  Bad part is that I really don't know what we left in the Motorhome when we left Florida in November.  We transferred everything from the 5th wheel to the Motorhome in about 6 hours and left the next morning for our return to PA, leaving the Motorhome at Lazydays.  I know we are taking too much, but I'm just not sure what we should leave behind.  It should be interesting.

Set the alarm for 2 AM (Ken likes an EARLY start) and can hardly wait to get to warmer weather, swaying palm trees, and special camping friends.  Also, we are so excited to spend our 1st night in Waldo!!!!!  Should be quite an adventure!

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  1. We hope you have safe back to Florida. Enjoy the setting up of your new home on wheels. There never seems to be enough room for everything you want to take.