Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We Have Arrived!

From 1 PM on, yesterday was just a crazy, busy day.  We left the Days Inn to head further south around 8:15 yesterday.  Planned to get an earlier start, but our alarm never went off.  The drive to Lazydays at Tampa went very well and the weather was perfect - it was in the 70's when we got there.  

Then the craziness began.  Waldo was getting a final "clean-up" so we had to wait till he was placed on a site in the delivery area.  Once there, we were supposed to check it out until the final delivery gentleman, Billy Black, came to talk to us and see what concerns we had.  We were "chomping at the bit" to get to our campsite and begin unloading the CRV and organize things in Waldo.  Patience is a virtue and we had to work at finding it!  By 3:30 we were on our campsite, with Ken only needing 1 try to get in the space perfectly!  Yes!  He had also driven it, by escort, to the gas station here at Lazydays to get the tank filled on Their $1.00  - another yes!  He didn't have any problems there either!

From 3:30 till about 8:15 we worked constantly moving things from the CRV to the picnic table and then slowly bringing in the "stuff" when we found a place for it. By the time we left for dinner at 8:30, we were exhausted.  Must have been, for we ate at the local Cracker Barrel!  Actually, it was tasty and reasonable!  Back to Waldo to finish a few odds and ends and then off to bed in Waldo.  Our 1st night in our new Motorhome - yes!  Never had a sleep number bed, so that was an experience too!

This is probably the worst week to be at Lazydays needing things done!  The Tampa RV show ended on Sunday and between the show and the showroom on Sunday, they sold 75 RV's.  Not sure how many on the other days, but they said it was crazy!  So, lots of folks are looking to pick up there coaches.  We are not complaining, but things are probably taking longer than usual.  I am thrilled with our new pantry that was designed and built by their on site cabinet makers.  They did a fantastic job.

We have a few items that need to be addressed before we leave on Thursday, but I am sure they will get resolved.  Tomorrow we are both taking the classroom and on the road driving course.  Should be informative and a bit scary for me.

Today we found a Costco and a Wal-Mart to get groceries.  Didn't have much food with us since we didn't have Waldo to load before we headed South.  No refrigerator - no food!

We did have a short rain shower here from 1:15 to 1:30, but it is beautiful now, sunny and warm.  We got out of PA just in time considering the snowstorm that is there today.  We were so ready for the Florida warmth and sunshine!

Really excited about Waldo and how everything is coming together.  Ken is thrilled to no longer have a truck to drive whenever we are on the road and the challenges of parking it and the 5th wheel.

Looking forward to many years of happy traveling and great adventures!

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  1. How exciting! You know that to make the most of the benefit of the sleep number bed you need to sleep "Martin" style! Enjoy your new digs! Doloris