Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Being Back on Pine Island!

What a very special day!  Ken and I only got up around 7:45 and slowly got ready for the day's activities.  We made a cooked breakfast with plenty of delicious fruit from the farmers market at Marco Island.  By 9:30 we knocked on Melissa and Chuck's door to see if they were ready to go for a walk.  It had poured most of the night and then we had light showers early this morning.  It had stopped when we got to their motorhome, but when we began the walk, it started to rain.  We decided to go anyway, since it was a mild morning.  So, we stopped to get Neil and Nancy to join us.  The 6 of us walked 7500 steps and it probably rained about 1/3 of the time.  We went to the area where we see bald eagles every year, not far from the CG.  We were fortunate enough to see 2 eagles and their large nest.  

Susie feeding the woodstork that comes by her campsite

A bit "damp" on our walk, but at least it was mild!

We see this eagle and its nest every year!

The happy camping group here at Pine Island!

We got back to the CG at 12:30 and planned to meet again at 1:30 for a bike ride.  All of us are striving to get back to better eating and trying to get 10000 steps each day and do some bike riding when possible.  Ken spent time getting out the grill, outdoor rug, etc. while I made lunch.  At 1:30 Ken, Melissa, Chuck and I went for our bike ride.  Nancy and Neil decided not to join us, since it looked like it would rain.  We rode about 6 miles to St. James City and found the Jug Creek Fish House where we can buy fresh fish right at the commercial fishing dock.  We will do that sometime this week.  We were back by 3:00 and started loading the car for the craft show here at the campground tomorrow morning.  

By 4:00 the 6 of us met at Nancy and Neil's new 5th wheel to have appetizers and drinks.  Nancy out did herself with the great food!  No need for any of us to make dinner.  We had another fun time of sharing and just being together.  We must have had a good time, for we only left at 9:00.

Nancy and Neil's new Redwood 5th wheel is gorgeous!

Tatem likes having company at his new home!
Do you think we looked relaxed????

Looking forward to a great craft show tomorrow and many more days of spending time with special friends.

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