Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1st Full Day of Classes and Seminars at the Escapade!

Well, the daily schedule has begun.  By 8:30 this morning we were in our 1st class.  They offer about 6 classes per session time and you can choose 1.  So, Ken and I decided to go to separate classes some of those times to get even more helpful information.  Ken began with Understanding, Monitoring, and Protecting Your RV Electrical System  and I took Maximum Connectivity, Staying Online.  After those classes we had 1/2 to go through the Vendor area before our next classes.  We both took Technology for Travelers with Geeks on Tour (Jim and Chris Guld), folks we had met in our travels and had even taken a Boot Camp with them.  So good to see them again.  I went back to Waldo after that class while Ken took Slide-outs and Leveling Systems.  All classes last just one hour with a 1/2 between each session. 

Jim and Chris Guld teaching the Picasa Class

Following lunch, Ken rested and I took Microfiber Truths and Myths - a very interesting class.  We continued with Ken going to Smartphones/Tablets for Travelers while I did The Frugal RVer with Nick Russell, who does a blog that Ken has followed for years.  We got to meet and talk with Nick and his wife and were so glad to have the opportunity to finally get to talk with them.  

Then it was on to the daily Happy Hour followed by a Social Hour with all the folks that are at an Escapade for the 1st time.  I believe about 1/4 to 1/3 are 1st time attendees.  We were John and Cindy most of the day, even attending some of the same classes.

This is a photo from the Grandstand of the Fairgrounds.
Hard to really see how many rigs are really here! 

Another view from the other side of the Grandstand!

No need for dinner after Happy Hour and the Social, so we went to the evening door prize drawing time followed by the evening's entertainment, The Homestead Pickers".  They were great musicians and storytellers that provided a very nice evening with lots of laughter.

What a fun loving, talented group!  The fiddle player was
backup for Loretta Lynn!

This genttleman played the dulcimer, hamonica, and the bass
and was excellent on each one!

Cindy and John joined us in Waldo to play one game of Pinochle before calling it a day.  They are not getting a very good feel for actual camping - this is a rather rigid, busy schedule.  But, we are having a great time and learning a lot.

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