Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Getting Ready For A Camping Adventure!

Today, Wednesday, was a mixed day of packing and then loading Waldo for our camping trip to Gettysburg Farm, halfway between York and Gettysburg.  After Curves, Ken and I went out to breakfast and then headed to Lititz to take a final tour of the apartment before we move in.  The painter was repainting the whole apartment, so the landlord told us to go check it out. Both of us felt so much better about the apartment now that the walls are freshly painted and it is empty.  

We spent most of the afternoon loading Waldo with food, clothes, etc. for our trip.  Amazing how many trips you make back and forth between the house and the motorhome until you get everything you need.  It went well and at 3 we went to Jamie's to meet Bria at the school bus and spend a little time with Bria, Cali, and Jamie.  Back home to finish the loading and then an evening to relax.  

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