Friday, May 16, 2014

Last Full Day at the Escapade!

Well, we woke to quite a cold morning - 34 degrees.  I thought it is spring!!!! At least the rain had stopped, but it was mostly cloudy.  There were only two sessions of classes today, so after breakfast we headed to 2 different classes - I went to Make your Rig more Livable, Efficient, and Convenient and Ken took Put Wow in Your Pictures.  We enjoyed both of them.  Then Ken sat in on another Geeks on Tour Class while I did one on Scrapbooking.

We were back to Waldo by 11:15 and went to say our good-byes to Cindy and John.  They decided to head home today instead of tomorrow.  I think they were a bit overwhelmed by the rigid schedule and the weather didn't help the situation.  So little time to just sit outside - it was either raining or extremely cold for this time of year.  They need to get some "normal camping time" under their belts where they can relax, spend time outdoors, and enjoy cooking outside too!  Also, Cindy has a commitment to sing with her church's praise team on Sunday, so they wanted to be able to take their time traveling home. We enjoyed our time with them!

John, Cindy, and Kylie in the LR of their RV, Harvey!

They are off and on their way back to PA!

We did some cleaning inside and out and then Ken spent sometime trying to understand his new Rand McNally RV GPS he bought here at the Rally.  It should be a great one once we "master it".  ( I don't know if that will ever happen!).

At 3 we headed to The Farewell Gathering for this 54th Escapade. Unfortunately, we did not win the grand prizes!   On the way back to Waldo we stopped at the outdoor Happy Hour, sponsored by Paul Evert's RV Country, who had brought about 18 large Motorhomes here and were For Sale.  They had live music, drinks, and great food everyday.  We decided to take a walk around the fairgrounds and then ended up back at the Happy Hour.  

The Farewell Gathering for the 54th Escapade!

Happy Hour was held here at 4:00 everyday!

Lots of people, wine, beer and food!

Ken decided to unhook everything but the electric this evening so we will be able to leave early and quickly in the morning.  By the time he started to disconnect, it was raining lightly again.  Like one gentleman said, "At least we were able to check out everything on our rig while here - the air conditioning on Monday, then the heat, and now we can check for leaks"!  How true!

The rigs parked on the infield track were given an extra night
for free, since it was almost impossible to get out of that area
because of all the rain - mud ruts were a problem!

We spent the evening in Waldo just watching TV and relaxing.  It has been a busy, active week, but we are certainly happy we made the trip to Goshen.

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  1. Glad you had a good time at the rally. We always learn a lot when we go to one. You are right about the busy part, there is always something going on at the rallies.