Friday, May 30, 2014

What A Gorgeous and Fun First Full Day at Gettysburg Farm!

Today, Friday, we woke to a beautiful morning with the sun shining, a welcome change!  We both enjoyed a great night's sleep in Waldo - this camping thing really agrees with us!

Ken and I took a short walk and then Martin's and us met after eating breakfast.  It was a very leisure and relaxing morning.  The 4 of us decided to take a walk around the CG and it is amazing - it is almost filled.  Also, there are so many Motorhomes and large 5th wheels here as well as lots of seasonal campers.  But, all of them are well maintained and many are beautifully landscaped.  An impressive place!!!

We enjoyed checking out the farm and exotic animals.  One of the baby goats had a "thing" for Ken.  We also enjoyed watching a mom and dad killdeer birds who build their nests on the ground - not too bright!!!!!!  Then one of them will act like it is hurt to distract you if you are too close to their nest while the other bird just "stares you down" and will keep coming towards you. They are fascinating to watch.  I also think they have beautiful markings!

The baby goat liked Ken and his pants!

Couldn't get the peacock to strut his feathers!

She was pretending her wing was broken

We played a game of miniature golf while waiting for Neil and Nancy Savage to arrive.  The course was rather wet and had lots of berries, leaves and twigs on the "fairways", but we had lots of good laughs.  Of course, as soon as we were done, the owners were using a leaf blower to clean the course.  We will have to try it again.

Neil and Nancy arrived around 2.  We played some ladder golf and then just sat outdoors chatting and "catching up on life".  We all had hamburgs on the open campfire followed by more chatting and then dessert - s'mores.  Can you believe Nancy had never eaten a s'more.  Well, we couldn't have that!!!!!  We insisted she wasn't a true camper if you have never had a s'more.  So, we mad her one and told her she had to try it.  I think Neil only got 1 small bite.   It was much better than she expected.  (She thought it would be way too sweet!).  Wow, another milestone for Miss Nancy!!!!

This is the side yard at Fred and Doloris' campsite!

We all enjoyed eating dinner together!

Another fun campfire!

S'mores made with large peanut butter cups are the best!

They are so tasty, right Nancy?????

Neil and Nancy headed back to their rig around 10:15, so Martins and us played a very close game of Skip-Bo.  They boys won, but we only had 1 card remaining.  It doesn't get any closer!

What a fun camping day!

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  1. S'mores made with large peanut butter cups....never head of that one. I love peanut butter cups, I bet they are great!