Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Very Full Day at the Escapade!

It was a great day for learning and socializing, but the weather is really nasty. We have had lots of rain and dropping temperatures.  Today it rained most of the day, rather heavy at times, and it was only in the lower 50's.  Not exactly spring type weather.  Plus, the trains continue to run frequently and at a very rapid pace!  But, with all that said, we are having a great time!  Why not? We are camping!!!!!

I took classes during all the sessions today and Ken only skipped one.  I took another class on the secrets of cleaning with microfibers and non-chemical cleaners while Ken learned about RVing in Atlantic Canada.  I took a class on Picasa Web Albums and then a Blogging class to learn how to improve my personal blog while Ken got helpful tips on Safer, Simpler RVing.  Then we took 2 classes together - Learning about the new Rand McNally GPS for RVers and one on Geocaching.  It was a great day filled with many valuable information.   Cindy and John took numerous classes but also decided to take it alittle easier today and have a bit more free time.

We invited Ron and Jari over to Waldo for Happy Hour so we could get better acquainted.  We shared our adventures and dreams for about 3 hours.  They just sold their horse farm in Minnesota and started full-timing in their 5th wheel 2 weeks ago.  It is really a new time in their lives.  Then Ken and I joined Cindy and John in Harvey for games and cards.  By 11:30 all of us needed to call it a day.  It was still raining when we headed back to Waldo. It has been a very wet and dreary day, but our spirits are still happy and excited. 

There is a craft show here tomorrow from 12 to 3:30 which I signed up to do. Depending on the weather, I may decide to go to classes instead.  We shall see! 

Cindy and John will probably head back to PA mid afternoon Friday, for they need to be back for Cindy to sing in their Church's Praise Team Sunday morning.  Such dedication!!!!!  
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better weather day, but Oh Well!!! Whatever!!!!!!
We will enjoy ourselves despite the rain and cold.  

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  1. It is Friday morning here in PA, finally Neil has a three day weekend! I am up early letting him sleep. Just wanted to tell you it is pouring here, and it mean Pouring! Hopefully, you are not home or heading home. Enjoyed your I always do! The classes sound wonderful, maybe we will put an Escapee Rally on our agenda for next year? Call when you are home. I am going to talk to Neil about Gettysburg weekend today!