Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Fun Times at the Escapade!

Well, we woke to another dreary morning with light rain, which is an improvement from yesterday!  Today one of classes in each session is focused on full-timing.  It is amazing how many couples here are full-timers, probably at least 1/3 of the group!  Escapees has the most classes and services geared to full-timing, so these Escapades are a great resource for those folks or for those who are considering it for the future.

Ken started his class schedule with Your Bucket List!  I skipped the 1st session to "catch up" on my blog and get ready for the craft show.  Then Ken took a class on The Reluctant RVer while I learned more about Google Maps. 

We got a ride on one of the golf cart shuttles to take us and everything we needed to set-up for the craft show.  It was raining and had gotten a lot colder when we headed to the craft building around 11.  Ken helped me get ready and then left for a Point and Shoot Camera Class at 11:30.  He checked back with me before going back to Waldo for lunch.  Cindy stopped by too! After lunch Ken took another class on RV Maintenance followed by one Full-timing FAQ. I encouraged him to continue taking the classes - I was doing fine at the Craft Show.  Cindy helped me pack up and John was a volunteer for "Golf Cart Driving" so he picked us up and took us back to Waldo.  It had stopped raining, but it was cold and damp!  I didn't pay anything to be in the craft show, so everything I took in was a bonus and I had a good time!

I had a small set-up for this craft show.  Cindy was
there part of the time to help, especially when it was time
to close!

Ken and I went to Happy Hour at 4 and then to the RVillages Social Hour, a new website connecting RVers with other RVers in the same crampground, groups, hobbies, etc.  Curtis, the founder, gave a powerpoint presentation explaining how and why it was created and the many fantastic features it has. Chris and Cherie of Tech Nomadia helped develop the site and they were also there to answer questions.  Great concept and one that will be a great asset for RVers as well as Campgrounds.

Curtis, the founder, is in the black shirt speaking, and Chris
and Cherie are standing off to the right and left!

After dinner, we went to the main hall for another prize giveaway, but we came away empty handed.  We did enjoy the Escapade Talent Show.  The last act was a younger mother attending the Escapade with her husband and 6 young children.  She is also very pregnant.  She is a former music teacher and sang a song from Carmen.  It was a show stopper!  What an incredible voice. Their family has been here the entire Rally and are looking to go full-time in the next few years.  Wow!

This is a line up of the participates in the Talent Show.
They did such a good job!

More card playing with Cindy and John and by 11:30 it was time to call it a day.  

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