Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Work Has Begun!

The hard work and "fun" is underway - packing and going through everything for our big move!  Amazing at what you find when you sort through all of your belongings!

Ken tackled the garage while I did the storage area in the basement.  It certainly is a process!  Yesterday, with my daughter's help, I posted some thing on Craigslist.  We will be taking some more valuable antique things to a local auction house to be sold.  We also rented a small storage shed for the next 4 months ( a promotion offered 2 months for FREE) which we will need until we "figure out" what things can be stored in the apartment.

Somethings are so easy to get rid of and others are a bit more painful to let go.  But, there is always a great "freeing" to have less and less things to be responsible for, clean, etc.  We are really looking forward to this move and know all this hard work will be worth it!

We are spending so much time on this moving process that we are beginning to wonder what we will do with our time when we move into a small place with no outside work!  I bet we will have no trouble filling our free time!  We look forward to the challenge!!!!!

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  1. What to get rid of is always the hard part of downsizing. Once you get it all figured out it will be a relieve.